CES 2018: What Was Announced!

The Zolo Zero in black and bronze has some bling to it! :heart_eyes:


Too fancy for my taste, but it does look very feminine


any one know how much will it cost?

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The white/gold one, if waterproof, would fit right into luxurious bathrooms:

Wondering the release date on those wireless chargers? Wanna get my hands on them.

12min 10s in on this

PowerWave Duo (notice new product family name “PowerWave”)

Powerport Sync

Powerport 4. A dual USB-C dual TypeA 100W total. This is the item I have been asking for. Possibly overkill at 100W, I think 60W is a sweetspot for a road warrior.

Powerport 2 with USB-C Power Delivery and then a Powerport single port 27W.


So we have 4 new wall chargers with PD, one new car charger, several new wireless chargers optimized for the new iPhones, a new PD PowerCore coming in Q3.

(Refresh: Edited with close up screen capture you can see product names.)

Powerwave 7.5 Pad

The Powerwave Duo I mentioned couple of posts up. The stand and a 5W pad.

Powerwave Car Mount



I saw the new Powerport 4, Powerport 2, Powerport so i saw 3, not 4. You mean the “sync” hub?

So you mean 6 months from now so these are just plastic case mock-ups non functional?

No the 2 port with 1 type C and 1 type A.

So it really is a HDMI port in the PowerPort Sync! Any idea why?

Hub dongle. So for laptops which have just USB-C output, this gives you TypeA and other ports missing from USB-C PD laptops. If it has HDMI on the dongle then you can project laptop screen to LCD / projector.


Oh, I see. So it’s a mix of PowerPort and adaptor. Interesting concept.

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All these look great too. The finish looks premium. Especially the car mounts and the dual wireless charger.

Can’t wait to upgrade my phone

Wow, lots of Anker goodies coming.

Still no Fusion update :frowning:

Hopefully anker can give more info and release info @ankerofficial

Either it isn’t or its too boring for CES booth real estate.

I see the USB-PD and IQ2 Powerport 2 here


Maybe the PowerPort 2 can do 60W through one or 30W through both (?)