Camera Alarm when entry sensors are triggered?

Considering the cameras have an in built siren, surely it makes sense to utilise this when the alarm is triggered using an entry sensor.

This is especially necessary as Eufy don’t make an external siren and the sound from the homebase isn’t very loud in comparison to a typical alarm siren.


hi @vohan

Nice idea! Could be an addition of mine :wink:

True … although the alarm of the cams isn’t really loud at all too.

It’s very strange that this isn’t included…

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That should have been included. Most security systems have a siren option either built in or as an add on.

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Yeah, it doesn’t really make sense to be honest…

This is a super cool new feature :grin:.

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That it is…

Are you on your phone? I’m still trying to figure out all the features. Is this dark theme a feature?

Yeah, on my iPhone. You change it to dark mode in settings.

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For dark mode


Hello!@vohan Sincerely thank you for your valuable feedback and suggestion. Yes, your consideration is really to the point. It would be much better if the camera can sound alarm when entry sensors are triggered. We’ll forward this concern to our engineer team and hope they can further consider its availability in the future product improvement plan. Much appreciate for your valuable time in joining us to improve the product together!

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Any news on this very good product improvement, @AnkerSupport? As there is no external siren available this is really a good idea, and a good solution to widen the range of audio alarming.

This is a great suggestion. It should be possible to trigger all camera alarms simultaneously.

This functionality is included in the Automation section under the Security tab of the App.

  1. Select Security Tab
  2. Select Homebase - Automations work because the devices trigger through the homebase.
  3. Goto Automation tab
  4. Create New Automation
  5. Select the Trigger action - pick a sensor
  6. Choose an Action - pick a camera and select the camera alarm
  7. Add any additional Actions - select another camera alarm
  8. Add actions until you have all the camera alarms set up you need
  9. Save the automation.

Correct, but this can’t be used in combination with for example the away scene. That would be the solution