[eufy cam] Sensor triggering camera to record

I would hope you don’t have to buy a new sensor for triggering but who knows at this point…

The way you described the triggering work makes sense but may not be implemented in the initial release (look at zones). I am curious if they have a beta program for feature testing. Would probably help them out a lot.


No, it is an option, if you have an entry sensor you can work more or less IFTTT way…

Oh, another one, where are we on IFTTT? no update and not even mentioned in any recent updates
@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical

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To be honest … as i wouldn’t buy any range extender for money (because we backers got promised a much greater range than it is in real! remember: i got 12 meters maxrange, thats only 39 feet) and expect at least to get one for free(!), i wouldn’t buy any trigger-record-sensor for money. Why? Because we already GOT sensors we already can add in the app as device. All we would need maybe is an update for the firmware or app to make them also triggering records.

By the way:
The horrible and inaceptable range of the eufy cams had been discussed and criticized in the past kickstarter campaign and even after merket release, but in the meanwhile the joking range of eufy cams already reaching amazon reviews/ratings:

Translated it would be:

No reception from 4m - 6m (13 - 20 feet)
June 5, 2019
Verified Purchase

The idea is great! A camera with a battery of 365 days keeps. Unfortunately, however, the range is so very limited as soon as a wall is in between so that from 4m - 6m (13 - 20 feet) a warning is displayed. So the product, an external camera, makes no sense to me. A pity, apart from a great product.

Yes, that’s how I see it too. The already available sensor should do the cam-record-trigger without any problem, just a software/firmware update and then you can use the sensors to start an alarm and/or trigger a record start.

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@yamyam Hello! Thanks so much for your great support in our eufyCam series! Our engineer team will make the function of ‘sensor triggering camera to record’ available by the following firmware upgrade. You have no need to purchase a new one. Furthermore, sincerely thank you for your valuable suggestions. We’ll forward them to our engineers responsible for sensor improvement and hope they can further consider their availability!

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You are welcome … bill will follow shortly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Excellent news! :+1:

@AnkerSupport But as i am not using my door sensors yet (and therefore can’t notice any firmware update. Do you know round about a date when this firmware will be published so i can start using my sensors?



That “opening” the sensor will trigger a defined cam to start recording soon,
is fine and as we want this additional option/function of the “door” sensor should work.

But regarding this i have some additional questions:

  1. Will it be possible to define exactly one cam which will be triggered by the sensor or will it be possible to define as many cams as we want which will be triggered by one sensor?
  2. Will it be possible to define more than one sensor for one cam? (Let’s say you wanna trigger CAM 1 by Sensor 1 and Sensor 2 for example)
  3. Let’s say i define only one cam for one sensor and this defined cam got a defined setting of 60 seconds of recording and even if the motion stops, so every record will be around 60 seconds for sure. What happens now, if the cam already got triggered by motion and about 30 seconds later also a door sensor got opened. Will be record anyway stop recording after additional 30 seconds (60 in total) or will the 60 seconds record “countdown” starts again, so the record will be around 90 seconds? … While writing this and thinking about it, i guess i would like it to be that every trigger, no matter if motion or sensor 1 or sensor 2 or sensor 3 and so on) will start the 60 seconds countdown again. So in “worst” case, the recorded video could be several minutes long. (which would be no problem in my case). The best would be that everyone could set it as he wants. So there should be an option like:
    Should any triggering starts the record-countdown again? (result: additional video length): Yes or No
    …just an example, a native english speaker probably will find a better expressed question :wink:

Thanks for answering all my questions.

Hello! @yamyam Much appreciate for your detailed suggestions. Very helpful!! It would provide a much more better user experience if the sensor can achieve the functions you mentioned. We’ve already forwarded all of those points to our engineer team and hope they can put them into the future product improvement plan. Much appreciate for your valuable time in joining us to improve the product together!

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Thanks @AnkerSupport … excellent!
But seen my questions?! Could they be answered from you or some of your engineer team? Thanks.

What about responding or answering me @AnkerSupport … 3 months(!) later? :roll_eyes:

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport You said and posted and announced this on June 18th!
That is more than 3 months ago! And we are still waiting for this “following firmware update” for the sensors!

Please tell us an exact date now, when this mysterious update will finally come. Thanks!

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Please answer and tell us @AnkerOfficial

They are on holiday, back Monday

I know bro, but the promised firmware update is already over 3 months overdue.
Must be a very very long holiday!

@AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial

Another weeks(!) have passend, after we are already waiting since months(!) for this announced and promised “following upgrade”!


Since i own and use my sensors, almost a year now, they have received 0 firmware updates … eaxtly … NONE(!)

Our engineer team will make the function of ‘sensor triggering camera to record’ available by the following firmware upgrade.

Just to remind you your own words and promis again! Bring this sensor firmware update finally! :rage:

Another 2 weeks, following several months(!) … :rage:

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport


18th of JUNE(!) 2019 …

JUNE (!!!)

may be the focus is shifted @yamyam to another release of new product. It will come out eventually some time :sleeping:

Whatever bro!
“Our engineer team will make the function of ‘sensor triggering camera to record’ available by the following firmware upgrade.” is a PROMISE! Fullfil it finally @AnkerOfficial !

Shame on you @AnkerOfficial , shame on you! :cry:

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Dear @AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical

As you already promoted and announced that the “sensor triggering camera to record” feature will be implemented in the next firmware update of the sensors, i am sure this eagerly awaited firmware update for the sensors will reach us still ahead xmas and the end of the year, am i right?

Yes, i do await an answer to my question. Thank you! :kissing_heart:

@AnkerOfficial Pls fix this problem/issue by releasing the in June 2019 promised firmware update! Thx