Be a Star! | Looking for Star Contributors

Good move @AnkerOfficial this would certainly bring something new to the community and if I had to select 3 from the group (discounting @ndalby & @TechnicallyWell) it would be in no particular order @joshuad11, @nigelhealy & @elmo41683 as they have been the most active with regards to supplying info on upcoming new products, in-depth technical info and helping people out with queries in the community.

I also think that having star contributors from the US would give us/them access to more products as they are launched their first.

Good luck to everyone taking part and putting their names in the hat :clap:


Really glad to see this. @ndalby and @TechnicallyWell do a great job!

I’d like to nominate @nigelhealy and @elmo41683. Both seem to always be on here :smile_cat: and provide good advice to new folk.

Personally, I am not talkative enough to even consider myself for it. Even in person I’m the quiet type :smile_cat:


The one thing I love about this community is the more frequent members are alway being recognized for their contributions. We value each other input and we all like to have our laughs. I nominate not just @nigelhealy @elmo41683 @joshuad11 but also everyone else because everyone view matters.

I debated if I wanted to throw my name in the hat also, well because I figure I don’t put as much I put in this community as the members mentioned earlier. I figure what the heck. I don’t do much reviews and I might not be super technical like other members. What I can offer is an insight of a plain ol person who loves to be surrounded by technology. My home is a lennar who has partnered with amazon so Alexa controls my home. I would figure I write my reviews in a way that I would want someone to review if I was looking for product becuase I am one who does research before I buy, which is how I found my anker products in amazon. I am not the usual reviewer like many on this thread because I don’t have a YouTube channel for reviews but doenst mean I can’t start one. All in all I believe there are more people who are more deserving but I figure if there was a time for me to finally start doing reviews for a product brand, this would be a great opportunity


What great program. Thanks for offering this program @AnkerOfficial. Its a great way to give back to the community and those that care about it.

I would love to apply for since I’m the site on and off daily. But I’m not sure if I could provide enough content that is required.

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Sorry, I haven’t been active today because I was caught up in severe weather happening in the area :wink:. Not a raindrop at my house, but there were numerous storms all around. If you want, you can see the forecast I did for my school here :laughing:.

Anyway, thanks so much to everyone that nominated me! It is very heart warming to hear that so many people read my posts and even benefit from them… I try to deliver the latest Anker news (mostly through countless Google searches and Amazon page refreshes) that matters and bring a few reviews to the table, as well, but I’m also looking forward to ways to expand the content in my posts, such as a few of the things @AnkerOfficial listed.

It would be an honor to serve the Power Station as as a Star Contributor!

I would also like to nominate @nigelhealy, who has been extremely active here from the very beginning with great technological insight. We are very fortunate to have him in the Community! As well as @elmo41683, who has spent a ton of time on the forums since at least the middle of last year! Thank you both for making this an awesome place to be.

Obviously a big shout out to our moderators, @ndalby and @TechnicallyWell as well. You guys are awesome and do so much work to keep this place up and running! Same can be said about the admin of it all, @AnkerOfficial… I almost always learn something new by reading your posts, and they’re just fun to read! Thanks for all the work you do around here!

But of course, this Community is worthless without you. That’s right, each and every one of you that not only check in to see what is happening in the Anker world, or chat with someone about breaking advancements in technology, but also contribute and bring your own spice to the table. We have such a great group of people and so many major contributors… Keep it up, everyone!


I’d like to be a contributor, I’ve been improving my reviews and now I’m top 30k on Amazon
(You can look at my profile here: )

Oh can be sure you’ll have top quality contributions if I win, I try my best to improve with each review I make

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So I see the “pull” from Anker of wanting people to justify they should be put in this select groups, but I also see the push of suggesting other people to receive this.

I am not sure I am capable of doing all the above.

Given the ask, I would say the current closest to this is @TechnicallyWell given Ryan’s youtube videos, followed by (no particular order) @joshuad11 , @elmo41683 as the two top of mind but then also @Arwen , @ryandhazen @cava3395 and others.

Basically anyone but me.

What you would get from me is pure unadulterated honesty. e.g. you’d ship me the Nebula Mars, I might think it rubbish. Would you like that online?


Honestly, feedback for future versions is probably more valuable to Anker than simply praise for their products…

Also, it never says you have to be capable of doing all of them.


good luck to those that get selected and well deserve considering most of them been active posting here

Maybe the rubbish comments would best be sent directly to their inbox :joy:


I very much doubt we’d see future products. This is an open searchable forum for their competitors to see. For future products you’re talking NDA often signed in presence of a notary, and be of legal age to basically capable of being sued for breach.

Not implying that we’d be getting any more info about future versions, but rather they could use our ideas and experiences with the products to help decide what they need to change in their future versions.

I hope they do this already from the reviews left by each of us.

Plus, chucking in the odd survey now n again, maybe this time by product type… I.E. bt spkers
Such as… What features would you want, or portability Vs practicality… Etc etc

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Yeah my point is that there’s nothing wrong with leaving an honest review about a product. You’re doing potential customers good and Anker good.


That’s the risk they take as you can’t please everybody, someone 5 star review would be another’s 2-4 stars. I’ve left several not so flattering reviews as part of the Power User program on Amazon, still not been revoked…

…if they only garner 5 star reviews from everybody then either everyone in the world agrees (unlikely to every happen) or the reviews have been padded and therefore do not give both the consumer honest insight or the development teams honest feedback to improve upon going forward…


I think any product review score of 3.7 to 4.5 is a more honest score. It means some people have had issues, but the VAST majority like/love it.

I do tho get annoyed at 1 stars for obvs buying the wrong product or not using for the correct intended use.


@AnkerOfficial I’d love to join for contributions too :slight_smile: I am always interested in tech and work in the computer science field.

:star2: :star: :dizzy:

Great idea by the team at Anker and what amazing set of perks/rewards for those that are lucky to be chosen.

While I would love to be on the receiving end of this opportunity, depending on the numbers I don’t think I’d be chosen as I’m not sure I could fully meet all the requirements. There are a few members who I have already be mentioned who are more deserving than myself and I wish them all luck.

What I would say is that for those who feel that maybe they don’t have the technical knowledge to match others (myself included), you shouldn’t be put off. Not everyone that reads reviews will be concerned about voltage figures for example and will often prefer to read a real world layman’s review of a product.

But … to not put my name down would be foolish, yes it will be a challenge but if I failed atleast I tried. That and I know I’d be jealous of those that are chosen.


I’ll throw my hat in the ring, as I’m a “Techie” and have acquired quite a few gadgets and know-how relating to Anker.

I am also a professional photographer, a club DJ and a computer system builder. I like to conduct product reviews. I depend on reviews for my own purchases, and I hope that people will find my contributions helpful in their own purchasing decisions.


Been an Anker fan since early days and regularly contribute with reviews and forum antics