Are You Ready for an Upgrade?

Hey, Anker Fans!

It’s been a few years now since we became the first charging brand to switch out silicon for gallium nitride (GaN).

Now, with multiple chargers and an award or two behind us (not trying to brag, promise), we thought it was about time to take it up a notch.

Introducing GaN II, our latest charging technology that’s more efficient and offers greater heat dissipation than ever before. It also features a unique stacked design, which allows us to squeeze internal components together to reduce the overall size without sacrificing a drop of power.

Of course, there wouldn’t be much point in having all this fancy new tech if we didn’t have a place to put it.

Thankfully, that’s where our Anker Nano II series of USB-C chargers come in.

Anker Nano II comes in 30W, 45W, and 65W versions, and each one is designed to be smaller than your old charger while offering enough power to charge a wide range of devices. This means you won’t need to waste money or clutter up your space by buying a new charger for everything you get. All you need is one tiny charger to power up anything from phones to notebooks.

You can watch the full launch here to find out much more about GaN II and our all-new series of chargers!

Not only that, but you can also see us join forces with Guinness World Records and the man who is making human flight a reality, Richard Browning.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

Power On!


When is UK plug version?


Let me know when you start making the jet back. :rofl: Seriously. :slight_smile:

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I see only the US versions?
Neither EU nor UK.:no_mouth:


Currently they said it’s just the US for now. Hopefully they will branch out later.
I’m hoping for a 100W nano II because that would be nice and compact to throw in my bag and us by 100W usb c to usb c cable. Also a little disappointed the 30W one doesn’t have folding prongs but that’s a personal opinion. I hope they keep innovating can’t wait to see what else is to come


If the US versions are shipping June, I would think late July or perhaps August for UK variants if they are trying to keep some momentum on new devices.

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Thank you for accepting the challenge @AnkerOfficial

The foldable prongs did it for me :innocent:
Well done. This will be used with my Samsung S21 supporting PPS.

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I don’t need a single fast port. I remain baffled why when all the USB A chargers are multiple ports, they seem so fixated on USBC single ports. Noone has such a need, it’s a phone+tablet/laptop+buds+misc. When I travel I need 5 ports and take their 4 port 63W and the Nano 18W to get my 5 ports.

I’d also like when multiple ports to be intelligently distributed based on need.

That 60W needs to be 2 or 3 ports.

Those who need a 60W port are carrying a larger laptop, so the relative space saved is tiny, unless you merge chargers to make a multiple ports charger. Those who need 30W is a travel slower laptop charger or a larger tablet, so they also need a port for phone so end up with two chargers at least when instead a multiple port 30W or 60W would do it in less space.


I am beginning to think it is just me, but why is there only ever one port? Does everyone only have a single device to charge (or at least charge only one item at a time)? I have 4 items I charge from the same place and still have to rely on an old, non-Anker, slow USB-A based charger simply because it charges 4 devices off of a single plug. (Phone, tablet, headphones, and watch).

I am aware of the PowerPort Cube, and even considered buying it more than once, but what I would ideally want is something similar without the power plugs and without the powercord “tail”. Unfortunately, that isn’t an option and there is nothing in between.

Perhaps there is a solution out there that will allow for 2, or ideally 4, USB-A and/or USB-C type connections to fast charge, but until I can find something like that, I am still stuck with choosing between only one device at a time or slow charging - and usually I will choose slower charging simply because I don’t have to watch all them so I know when to switch. Until this need is addressed, I have to do a hard pass on the Nano line of charging blocks.


Agree, something like a USBC version of



Agreed I would jump on buying that relatively quickly. The most I see them having is maybe one or two products with two usb c ports but one with four to five would be so much better

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I usually use an old 6 port ANKER charger here when traveling and also at home.
Thats all I need.
But I dont have any “new” devices to charge.
So this is perfect for me.

I can charge my speakers, my torches, my Ipad, my Samsung tablet.
Don’t need more.
But of course others will like and need those.

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Seems like anker has great expectations with this. But i guess there are other players using GaN aLready. Okay! Will have a detailed look on it later.

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Ah, love the foldable prongs on the 45w and 65w versions!


I would like those foldable prongs at the EU-Version.
Its possible, but has never been realized.
Not possible so far with the UK prongs.

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Looks shiny - but I don’t have any devices that need charging in between 12W and 90W,.

Multiport devices are a lot more flexible. 2/3/4 USB-C ports on the different steps would make all of this more relevant and useful to me.

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The 30W and 45W both list PPS support, but the 65W does not. Is this correct? It’d be a real bummer if the 65W didn’t support PPS.


“Samsung Super Fast Charging”

Why didn’t they just call it PPS?

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Samsung > 27W needs PDO. PPS alone is 27W.

Or so the Samsung forums seem to imply…

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