Anker-SWAG: What does the Community prefer?

One of the teams at Anker reached out and asked me to ask you all about SWAG.

While the SWAG wouldn’t be specifically used for this community (think gift with purchase-type promotions), it makes sense to ask you all what’s preferable.

So. Vote. Share SWAG ideas in the comments.

  • High-quality water bottle
  • High-quality thermal cup
  • High-quality thermos
  • Stainless steel pint “glass”
  • Anker-branded T-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, etc
  • Flat brimmed hat
  • Classic baseball hat style
  • Picnic blanket
  • Other ideas? Share in the comments.

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More a cup or bottle person myself. Had a few Anker shirts in the past but never overly worn them.


What about socks? :socks:

And a ceramic mug would be perfect for me :sunglasses:


Well if you are doing a picnic blanket, I think you may as well do a picnic basket. It may be good to pair with the cooler :slight_smile:

You know several companies will do like a sticker, car decal, patch or similar items. I know certain companies will do a decent size sticker in some of their products (Apple, and Yeti to name a few)

A cloth swag bag may be good but I do enjoy the ones that are more like a satchel. May can do something better than the mesh bags that I do like with the products. Can have it where you can put your powerbank, cable and nano in a little carry case.

I know Soundcore did some shirts, cups, and water bottles when they first started. The biggest issue on shirts is sizing. I think that at times will limit the benefit for some folks due to sizing (like everything was like a large) . I also think they had an overstock and then you have a potential issue with stocking the items.

And my last item …
an umbrella :slight_smile:


I like @Duane_Lester’s idea of a satchel or small case. I personally like the small sling bags because I can organize things and also have them ready to go just by grabbing the bag I need.

Other ideas I’ve seen (and like) are coins, notebooks, fidget devices, lightning/usb-c activated fans, flashlights, screwdrivers/tools, stress relievers, and of course pens (usually multifunctional with either a light, highlighter, USB drive, etc.).

As crazy as this may sound… what about a powerbank? I think Anker could easily design a “budget friendly” small power bank that could be designed with loud colors and a eye-catching design utilizing their name or logo. Or combine a power bank with a pen… sorry… now I’m just dreaming crazy thoughts…


Funny! I got a ceramic mug emblazoned with the Anker logo when I started:) So I know we have a source on that one, lol!

Socks. Like cycling socks or tube socks?

Thanks! Good thoughts!

And an umbrella! Sure! The company has North American HQ in Seattle/Bellevue, so an umbrella makes sense, lol. I like that idea.

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Coins! I just flashed on how fun it is to be with a vet at the bar when someone does a Challenge Coin throw down. Love that kind of camaraderie. I like the idea of a coin. Share more on that concept if you like. Meanwhile I’m going to muddle it too.

Pens are always useful! Pharmaceutical companies do this the best, lol. We can do it write, too, lol.

The power bank idea is a good one. The Swiss Army knife of PowerBanks … knife, cheese grater, cork screw, AED … you know – the essentials:)

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I vote for a tech bag. Something keep cables and battery packs in. Similar to a EDC pouch/bag. Only makes sense :wink:


I like this idea!

Yea, I think we’re reaching consensus on this one. h/t @Duane_Lester! This is potentially easily implemented, too.

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let us use powerbucks for anker hardware

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I received a t-shirt in the past.
The design was very good.
But as I dont wear such type of shirts I gave it to my son.
He still uses it (good quality).

I would like a cap, I alreaday mentioned that.
Such a cap I would use.

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Have a huge stash of mugs and water bottles. I think baseball hats and picnic blankets are good options. Also pen with light on one end, touch screen stylus tip on other, I once got good kind of a pen, very handy and useful (mag be will put a pic shortly)


I use my soundcore travel blanket/pillow frequently, agreed on that as well as an option.


Yes! This!


Absolutely. Literally sharing this with the team now. I need a charger bag system for travel and just grab and go, kind of like EDC specifically for charging. :slight_smile:


I like a pen with a touch stylus on the other end, too. I will advocate for good quality pens:) Something that lasts, that folx will want to keep around.


Do you like the flat-brimmed style or the classic ball cap style?

I’m working on it, friend! We will either revive that program in the next couple months or formally pause it or formally close it and figure out how to make that right for PowerBuck holders.