Anker supposed to launch a 3D printer

Hey everyone
I just read on a German Tech Blog that Anker is going to launch AnkerMake

A company focused on 3D printers. Personally I never had a 3D printer but I was thinking about it and would have bought an Ender 3D printer.

The product(s?) are supposed to launch with a crowdfunding campaign. So I might be enticed to buy the AnkerMake printer. Who knows maybe it will be cheaper


Great to see you here back again!
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Hope you haven’t told us here a “secret” which is not officially published by ANKER. :rofl:
They don’t like this at all.

But it seems meanwhile nobody of the officials cares about what we are doing here.
Hope you don’t mind you entered a graveyard.
Only a few are left here, but they will stay till the end of this forum.


Yeah I read that there is nothing happening here anymore. That’s why I posted it to add some content to the forum.

For me Anker got a little bit irrelevant because I have a Oneplus phone and with their propriety charging I didn’t need any other charging cords.

It’s a sad, that their priorities changed, but I think they have a better ROI with influencers. That’s why they are focusing more on them and Anker isn’t a small brand anymore.

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So you should start to become such an “influnzer” (sic) :grin:
at these unsocial media.
You are young and can do easily.
I am an unsocial “Neanderthaler” and never will! :joy:

All fine with you?

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My wife was watching a beat boxer on TikTok the other night. All of a sudden I hear “And I am using this Anker cable. Look how strong this thing is, I can bend it over and over and nothing happens to it.”

Asked her to take a look and the video had over 200k+ views and X amount of likes. Safe to say there is a lot more incentive to use TikTok than here and all it costs is some free merch and “other compensation” if it comes into play.


If I would watch such a nonsense I could shake my head more than 10 times. :joy:
But I dont, if so, I would get headache. :grin:
Ticktack and Fakebock -> This is true business.

Not a surprise they did a survey and it kept pointing me to “why don’t you want…” questions of specific features.

I was left with the impression they are talking up something expensive.

I have my own 3d Printer, about 15 years old and called a “Swiss Champ”. Add wood.

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Hmm interesting :+1:

Yeah, Anker is all over TikTok…

“ticktack” seems to become a real danger for “fakebock”.
And Mr. “Zuckerzwerg” is getting problems here in the EU too.
if one takes a look at the “fakebock” shares its more than evident.

No joke, just got this email right now about doing one…



I was asked before, months ago, and they were asking how big, features etc.

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Isn’t the market saturated with such printers since a long time?

Saturation doesn’t equate to why-bother.

Quality, price, implementation, support, warranty, is still a field to be ploughed.

Wasn’t the portable charger market a saturated market a decade ago?


sadly anker is emailing me about 3d printers but crazy they come out with this after ive spent the past couple weeks researching 3d printers

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well even though I didn’t get an email asking for input ill put some ideas and hopes for the printers

  1. USB C power
  2. ability to change the bed plate to different types easily since some printing material works better on other surfaces plus some surfaces can be used to add texture to the build.
  3. a picture from a social media account showed the screen attached in a way where it would move personally I think its terrible design since mid print you wouldn’t be able to stop or adjust without shaking the printer
  4. All metal extruder would be nice since it will be more durable
  5. not a total need but auto bed leveling would also be very greatly appreciated and if not the ability to add it through a modification would also work.
  6. Metal extruder since that part would be getting hot would be nice if it doesn’t melt

I am not sure the route anker is thinking of taking with this. Some companies like creality have printers that have huge communities around them that focus on modifying the printers to make them better of which creatily even makes some of their own upgrades you can buy. Others go for the model of you buy the printer it comes with what it comes with and you cant really do much to it. Both have their ups and downs. Should be interesting to see where Anker goes and if they follow it out. I have a couple more ideas but for now i will sit and ponder them more myself.

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I am wondering is there really so much serious use for a private person, or is it more a thing to play around with for fun with such a printer.
If I would have one, I really have to think about where I could use it, though I am anold tinkerer. :smiley:

honestly depends a lot of personal users are hobby people.
Its also a hobby many people give up thinking it will work right away out of the box when usually it requires fine tuning.

some people have uses that are more practical. I’m sure people like us could let our imagination run wild of things we could print and create with it.

I’m hoping anker doesn’t make this printer really expensive and if they do I’m hoping they have different models since 3d printing is a rather expensive hobby. unless their plan is to really just sell to print farms and businesses.


I have a few friends with printers, and I have given them a few $$ and some STL files, and have had a customer apple watch charger/holder which I use every night. I had them make a few knick knacks as well. They are handy for fun, or if you watch some 3d channels, people make some really cool stuff, even functional like flower pots with designs etc. I would love an entry level printer if Anker could make it affordable.

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I should have taken screenshots but I didn’t feel the price was affordable. Sharing printers makes a lot of sense.