Anker Soundcore Motion+ not working with Win10 laptops running Intel bluetooth chipsets

Same here. After a firmware update of the Motion+, my Motion+ is no longer being recognized by Windows 10 Pro as a Sound device. I’ve tried unpairing and repairing, but no dice.

The Motion+ works fine with my Pixel 4 running Android 10.

I have the exact same issue, paired but not as sound device. I have a DELL XPS 15 with updated drivers.

same issue here, paired but not as sound device. I have acer predator 300 helios with updated drivers.

Same issue here as well in that the motion+ has paired (via a tp-link ub400 bluetooth adapter) to my windows 10 pc, but is not reported as an audio device and is under the ‘other devices’ list.
Same goes for my windows 10 laptop running the intel on-board bluetooth.

When ‘discovering’ the device on both my systems it shows up as ‘unknown device’. When you click it thats when its becomes listed as ‘Soundcore Motion+’ and then gets added to the ‘other devices’ list. Once in the list the accompanying icon beside it is two rectangles depicting maybe a phone/tablet ? ( for instance if a mouse is listed here there is an icon of a mouse as well).

I can not see how to change the properties/preferences of individual bluetooth hardware within windows 10.
I really think this is an Anker software issue.

Motion+ works well from my phone , really well! The sound once tweaked via the app equaliser is quite impressive, now only if it would work on the pc as well…

Is there any solution now? I have the same issue with a ThinkPad T470, only recognized as “Other device”

Issue solved from my side, I am now able to connect my motion+ to my windows 10 laptop with below steps:

  1. unpaired both devices
  2. reset speaker holding Bluetooth button and volume+ for 3-5 seconds
  3. Pairing again the device is found as audio device

Hope this help for all of you.


Simple when you know how. Thanks Loregel your tip worked perfectly, thanks for the solution.


thanks loregel, now its working fine here <3


I have a Dell XPS 15 9560 running Windows 10, and this worked for me as well, thank you so much, Loregel!!


Yep, it works now.

Thanks for the solution.

Thank you so much loregel… It worked

thank you very very much.
i ve just created this account to thank you :slight_smile:
solved my issue for my win10 desktop pc

Thank you. Worked perfectly

Thank you! :slight_smile: How did you know how to fix it?

These are the very known “first steps” whenever such a problems shows up.
Clearing the bt list of the bt source and reset the speaker (earbud/earphones)
Then pair these again.

I am so glad I found this. Thank you for your answer, I was starting to think I made a bad purchase! Now working great thanks to your help. :hugs:

Hi! Hope someone can help me. I bought two of these and I plan to use the both of them as desktop speakers both thru BT (thank you loregel for the solution) and thru aux as well. Is this possible, or loregel’s solution would only work with one speaker only? Thank you.

I am sure it will work on both if they are connected the right way.

First you should connect the two speakers without any other device involved.

Then the first (master) will be found on your bt device.
The second one the (sl
ve"will be connected automatically.
So both are connected after.
If there are any problems ask, we are all here to help!

Your question is very confusing, so you plan to use the 2

On the same windows 10 laptop I’m assuming since you decided to ask here? My next question would be why do you wish to use both aux and bluetooth at the same time on the same machine? that seems a bit odd.

Thanks! Now paired with my computer :slight_smile: