Anker Solix

Are you in contact with the support?
Because its a new device and they are eager to sell it, creating a lot of advertisement.
So they should be urged to help you.

Many customers are reading this forum and there should be solutions for customers.

Regarding the updates :
Be happy that after such an update no other errors did show up.:grinning:

I remember this awful Windows I had to use when working in the university.
After an update often many “patches” followed ,creating new and other errors.
But I am free now of this (LINUX)

Same for me even the Update to 1.3.4 did not solve the issue once charging more than ~50W into the bank. The bank resets and sends all power to the house before ramping up again to 50W charging then brakes up again … I have a ticket open with support since friday 15th September - until now no reply yet.

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Remember the weekend!
I am sure you will get an answer this week.
If not, tell us here.

Same issues here. Update 1.34 seemed to have solved the issue but then it returned. My battery charges and discharges ok, but not with the given values. It seems like especially at high production from the solar panel it lets more through to the house instead of giving it to the battery. At least I reached 65% charge on a sunny day, but should be more.
I am hoping that this will be fixed otherwise this battery is not worth the money at all.
A friend of mine did a solution like that with a simple power station and a adapter which puts out only 150 watt and achieves way better results.
Let’s hope they work on it.

I currently have two devices in access, one still on an older firmware version and one on the current one.

Device with the current firmware:
I can only give the known 150 watts as a minimum pass-through, 0W, disabling family charging has no effect.
The charging performance at over 150W input is very poor and breaks up often.
At 500W input, for example, only between 30W and 130W end up in the battery.
There is also a long ramp-up before the charging starts.
The timed feed with the 150W minimum in the evening / at night works fine.

Device with the old firmware:
Stepless setting of between 50-800 - 0W setting also ensures no feed around the house network.
The battery is charged 1:1 without RampUp and without delay (on rising / falling input).
The timed feed with the 50W minimum in the evening / at night works fine.

For me, the old firmware is the absolute target image.
I’m waiting for the feedback from Anker, but should it remain at the 150W minimum mains supply, the device goes back.

By the way, the Solix only has a 14 day return policy! It’s in the fine print, even if the order confirmation says 30 days.

I can confirm that most of problems where gone with 1.3.4. Firmware.
Am I happy? Not really but now I can (or have to) life with it.
Anker support told me, that it is not possible only to charge the battery. If you have a regular 600W/800W microinverter it makes sense.
Lets see if something will happen in the future.