Anker Solix

There was a fellow from Germany who suggested to create a forum for ANKER solix devices.
I told him to open a thread where customers could discuss about.
He did not.
So I do, though I dont have any of these.

If there is s real need, its OK, if not, there is no problem.

Enjoy the sunday and the sun for your solix devices.


I play around with the thought of buying an Anker SOLIX Solarbank.

Will there be an API allowing me to dynamically adapt the energy transfer (i.e. the power the battery is releasing to the micro-inverter) via scripting and/or a smarthome integration (home assistant etc.).

As far as I understood (isn’t there an app simulator where I can test the features in advanced before having the hardware onsite?) the app allows me to setup a schedule of energy transfers. But this I have to input via hand by myself. So I am relaly looking for something programmable to dynamically adjust to my power consumption …

Thanks a lot,

You should ask the support as well
Because this is a relative new product not many forumumners own such one.

Just to share the answer of customer support for everyone:

no API for Anker Solix :frowning:

Yesterday my Solix 1600 arrived at my home in Germany.
So far I do not really understand how the device decides how my power to use for loading the battery beside giving the power into my home.
I created a power plan saying 7am to 11pm no output to my home, but still even when the battery is not even full power goes through to my home.
Any suggestions?

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Don’t know how many formumners have such a device and can you give any answers.
So you should ask the support.

Servus aus MĂĽnchen :grinning:

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Since yesterday i habe the E1600 pn a hoymiles Inverter. Chargen doesnt work right. Eg: Panels Generation 100 Watts battry takes 7. How you got it work?
@Chiquinho i am from North germany.

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Servus von Bayern nach Preussen.
Leider kann ich Dir da nicht weiterhelfen.
Ich habe diesen SOLIX nicht.
Ich wollte nur hier einen “thread” kreieren wo solche Fragen besprochen werden.

Schreib mir doch mal genau die Probleme die Du hast.
Auch mit Fotos.
Dann schreiben wir “Germanen” mal an den support.

Hello from Bavaria to Prussia! :grinning:
Sorry I can help you to solve that.
I dont have such a SOLIX device.
I created the thread here only to discuss such questions.
Explain the issues you have in German.
We both will draft a request for the support.

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Okay here we go:

My setup:
Hoymiles HM-1500 with 2 x 370 Watt and 2 x 375 Watt modules.
The 2 370 Watts modules are on same MPTT and now the 2 x 375 Watts modules are on the Solix E1600 with is connected to the other MPTT of the microinverter. No installation problems. Included cabels where fine. lenght and quality are good :slight_smile:
The battery came with 85% energy state. Peering with WiFi went fine and i did the connection with the PV-Modules during night time.
I started the decharing of the battery and the energy state went down to 10% and the battery stoped decharing. I played with the Anker App and relized that changing of the decharging output gets very slowly. 10-15 sec. Sometimes longer. My Wifi is up to date. But this is not the main poit.
During daytime the behaving is a little bit strange.
Anker App is telling me that the 2 x 375 Watts modules generate eg. 120 watts but in the E1600 are just 35 wartts stored. I am curious what happen with the rest?! I have the feeeling the whole statistics are just…for nothing.
Eg: Anker App showed me a generation of my PV Modules of 1,35 kw/h but enerystate was 41%. What happen with the rest?!
Today i reseted the daily data directly from my Holymiles HM1500 and i hope that i will find some answers by myself.
I hope to get good support (finaly i got a cornfirmation that someone will contact me). I would like to help to improve the product and help out so far i can.


Another update:
I discover that after the app update I can get more details. Under “devices” you get the energy falue that is getting into the battery. Much better now :slight_smile: but… i can see allways drops of the energy that it is getting stored in the battery.

Again Why are there drops? What is happening for the generated energy?
I guess, that it is just a display-error or maybe because of low watts (bad weather), the system cant get charged.


Seems you are the very first here using this device
Great you join us.
Be patient please.
I am sure there will be more customers/users entering this discussion.
You added some photos, that’s always good.
Many don’t like to read.

Another update:
The battery got today the update to firmware V 1.3.0.

Currently there where still drops during charging the battery for some reason.
I hope for better weather to get more information.

I never had such drops as long my panels where connected directly to the Hoymiles.

After using the battery for two days i can say that there is lot of space for improvement
@Anker: here are my suggestions which are for me (and i think also for others) importand

  • Why does send the battery energy to the micoinverter when i turn “Familienladung” off? When i turn it off, i would like to store the whole power in the battery.
  • Why is there a lower limit in “Familienladung” of only 150 watts??? I have a much lower consumtion (aprox 50-70 watts) during nighttime. I waste half of the soraged energy!

Less important suggestions:

  • API to HomeAssistant and others
  • Quicker respond on actions done in the app

I am curious if someone from Anker takes a closer look on that. I really like the idea of that product and i would like to get it works properly. Also others are welcome to share their experience with the Solarbank E1600.


Today i found time to take some data out of the HM-1500. Blue markings are the panels that are connected to Anker Solix E1600 and the orange are the panals which are directly connected to the microinverter

. There you can see the strange behaiver of the Solarbank. By the way, I am still waiting for a response of the anker support. Lets see how long it will take…

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Same issue - dropping power charging the solarbank - after update to V1.3.0 - even worth as the solarbank “not” charges at all (max 50W) then the bank drops again and no power is sent even to the inverter. Device is useless after the update! @anker

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For me the following procedure seam to fix the issue.

  1. Disconnect power (240V) from Inverter
  2. Diconnect Solar panels from Solarbank
  3. Reset the Solarbank (15 seconds both buttons)
  4. Delete Solarbank from the App on Phone
  5. Reconnect Power (240V) to Inverter
  6. Wait until inverter is started (5 minutes for me)
  7. Reconnect the Solarbank to the Anker App and add Wifi Information
  8. Wait another 5 minutes
  9. Reconnect the 1st Solarpannel to the Solarbank
  10. Wait until the Solarbank is charging and sending Power to inverter (watch in App by clicking on the Solarbank)
  11. Reconnect 2nd Solarpanel to Solarbank
  12. Be Happy (for now :slight_smile: )

Great that this thraed is used and there are discussions about the usage of this new device.

You may know that often users have more knowledge than the support.
I am an “old fox” here and know this.:grin:

Same problem with my Solix. All power it sent to the house instead of charging the bank. @anker

I am sure there is something wrong with the wiring or adjusting by the app
But I am only a retired computer engineer, who could be wrong.:grinning:

I am sure there will be many more discussions about these devices.
These are new, so there are not so many who have some know-how about.
But please stay here and share your experience,

Greetings from MĂĽnchen.
Morgen fängt das Oktoberfest an, Superwetter hier : Oans zwoa G’suffa" :joy:

Yesterday a new Update 1.3.4 was installed. Problem seams to be solved…

After 1hour the same Shit started… Also the new update did not solve the issue. The device is still pushing all energy into the house also I added a 0W plan…:confused: