Anker’s First Meetup! | Recap

Using filters (which are detailed algos) for censoring is not so easy.
Those programs need to be created very thoroughly.

And of course these can be fooled.

Men writing programs which can be tricked by men. :grin:

The next fan meet up event will be in May.
With the increase of the community members, we will definitely go to the UK someday.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Remindse of that song from Annie… Tomorrow, the sun will come out tomorrow! lol

I look forward to that, and hope it’s a location I can afford to get to, and that I’m young enough still to travel :wink:

Any members in Southern California???

Me! So that makes two of us at the moment.

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Quite a few. I think @Nhi too.

Members shared views here

The challenge you have is the population density no decent public transport system, is even a few tens of miles may be too far and very time of day sensitive.

I wonder maybe we can meet up, shoot a video or record something. I really love the community and it will be cool to meet other people.

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@tugar32 Are we making a rap video! Got my GRILLZ ready!

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:joy: at this moment, I don’t want to break your heart. So if you wan to rap or sing some country I’ll support you bro. :muscle:

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@tugar32 Bro, a country/rap video!!! Hmmmmm… Country won’t be good with my diamond crusted gold grillz but I’d make do with whatever!

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@professor @cshenoy,
In fact, doing it as a WebEx type is more economical to Anker too… just need a limited participation. They can even hand pick members based on their contribution, seniority level (level 8 & above :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), possible content generators, influecners etc.,
At least, they know who are invited and they get banned for any inappropriate behaviour.
@AnkerOfficial just an idea !

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I believe that would work. Everyone can see, and only members can input above a reasonable low level to filter bad members who if violate reasonable rules get banned would probably be enough to keep the jerks out. So pick a level to make it not worth being a jerk.

I was going to like your comment but I can sense your hate towards level 7 and below (sarcasm). Maybe only level 10 and above should assist. To this kind of meetings. Still if any member is Southern California wants to meet up to grab coffee or a beer it will be cool. I don’t really spec for Anker to pay it. Just a way to get to know each other an share some thoughts about the products and the community.

I was thinking like Level 2 to just filter the worst out who just want to be rude for laughs. I’d have everyone able to look+listen but a filter to type input.

A virtual online, like Anker did for their 5th anniversary in San Francisco, with Q&A. Ask me anything, like they did before just not using FB / Periscope users who can be whoever they want anonymously.

I can’t find the live stream they did but here’s forum link


It is a great idea. Besides that we could get some product news and so on

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Hey, I can take it if it is a sarcasm, but you know that I said in a lighter way and just making a point to put a qualifying level to participate.

Really can’t say which level to be filtered, it is all subjective and if at all Anker goes this way, they may have facts to substantiate whatever level they picked. Just like Level 7 & above for the T-shirts.

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As you see, even at level 11 and above there are some jerks (ME included) don’t mind!


No, @Chiquinho nobody calls you a jerk here, you are the coolest guy in this wholw community. I believe most of us agree on this point.

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I was joking, as sometimes such “names” show up.
If a real “jerk” is needed I will do it! :joy:
And if 2 jerks are needed I will ask my clone!