Anker’s First Meetup! | Recap



Congrats @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial for first successful meet-up! Wish we get to see many more!

Looks like it was lot of fun, smiles across, and new product overview. Do include SF in next meet-up schedules.


Yes, KC please!


Come to Georgia!! I will gladly come to the meetup anywhere in Atlanta and bring my friends and sister along as well. These meetups sure sound fun and interesting


I would suggest “Hinterzipfelskreuth” in the Bavarian woods! :joy:


OMG! I am jealous! Anker where is your next meet? I travel a lot and can make it to certain places… Please let us know


Canada please. We have fans here :heart_eyes:


Where at? You should circle it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It looks like you guys had a great time! I hope the next one happens closer to me so I can attend!


Thanks for the sharing, nice to a company connect with its user base.


WOW, that is cool.


Hell yea let’s bring it to North Carolina guys!


Don’t we all :joy:


Looks awesome. How many fans did attend?


That looks like fun! Hopefully I can make one of these in the future. I love how involved you guys are with the community!


Based on the pics I wanted to know if they are forum members. If so then who are you? I know one member has posted but what about the rest? I see a Boricua or at least someone with a Puerto Rico T-shirt.


Good catch man. Wonder who it is. I know @tugar32 speaks Spanish but he said he’s from Mexico so that can’t be him


Naw Bro! @tugar32 works right here with me. He is one of my best buds! I’m thinking it is probably @88888888Alex88888888 I know he is from PR


Right! I remember him saying he was from Puerto Rico. He hasn’t posted in a while I don’t think. Guess we have a mystery in our hands lol


Or maybe no one from the community went :man_shrugging::cry:


This is what I think, the only people who did join was from outside of the community as this was posted in social media