Anker’s First Fan Meetup! (Poll)

Please go to Uptown Charlotte, NC.


I would join and keep them calm!

This is absolutely awesome! Downtown LA is much closer for me but I can make the Seattle meet! Should I buy my airline ticket like right now?

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Yeah right you’d be pouring everyone beers. :man_facepalming::slight_smile:

I just had the transformer outside of my apartment go out it didn’t explode but it did do something extremely weird to my subwoofer that caused my subwoofer to start to rumble then get progressively louder until I thought the subwoofer was going to explode nothing else was affected except for the power being out everything is back online now and the subwoofer seems to be working fine. it was very strange though being woken up out of my sleep by my subwoofer I thought the aliens were coming :joy:


@Chiquinho I would love to go back to Germany. I was there for training in the late 90’s. Went to Hohenfels, Regensburg, and Nuremburg. That is where my love for dunkel (my favorite beer) was born! We did make it out to Munich but it was just for a day. Anyway what is up with the ice situation? We would go and get sodas expecting a cup with ice but nothing

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Do these events in other countries too in future. Come to Toronto! :slight_smile:

@AnkerOfficial how about this :point_up: idea? will show good spirit from both sides (Anker & Fans !)

They cheated you.
BUT tell you the truth, drinking soda is strange!
Never have done, never would! :grin:

:scream: lol
I’d be 100% the best steward on the plane :ok_hand:


Strange equipment you have! :joy:
There could be something inside!

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We could roll barrels from one end to the other!
I’ll be a helping hand!

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Your missing out @Chiquinho. Soda, pop, soda pop, coke… it’s called differently in the US depending on your location. In the South it is called pop or coke in general. It was during early April when we were there and still cold, raining, and some snow. I was thinking maybe the cold weather is probably why nobody served ice. But, I love me my Pepsi Max! Such as satisfying drink, other than beer!

I’ve been to the one in New York and Munich, you can clearly tell which came first :wink:

It is not the plain soda that you use with alcohol. There is another carbonated flavoured soda available which you can drink, just as coke/pepsi…

Would love to attend. Come to North Carolina as well :slight_smile:

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@AnkerOfficial Why not add OTHER option for us in the selection of cities so everyone can enter their choice? This will give you an idea of where majority of your fans are located, if you want to consider this as one of your criteria for hosting it in other locations in future?

On the side note, I know you are aware of this bug, just reporting another time…

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Hey another north Carolinian… Maybe if there’s enough of us we can just get together ourselves

That is a great idea @Ice1 ! Downtown LA is a 3 hour drive for me, which I am more than willing to do.

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Glad to know you are from SF bay area as well!

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Definitely a long haul for me coming from Detroit, but Chicago is nice and close :grinning:

I wish I had more time to plan! I could totally make it to Seattle!