Anker - please nuke Amazon listing errors!

I keep spotting errors.


The issue the person can see this, and think they’re getting a 65W charger, they may then get an 18W charger.

The photos are of the new 65W international plug product, the text is the the small 18W version. Which do they get?


Compare with this



There are a lot of smaller errors that are almost just as bad…


I’ve found quite a few on my travels too @professor
I guess these are down to the Anker Marketing team as opposed to Amazon.


They need a person to check the listing before it gets approved

How about this one… total mismatch of product title and picture
Title is Roav Dashcam C1, pictures are for eufy Doorbell and Security products :rofl:


Lol, well that’s not too awful an outcome for the consumer as it’s much more obviously the wrong photos to description.

It’s the ones where non-obvious can cause a bad customer experience.

I been checking reviews, about 6% are owner error of not reading, and I’d say the consumer fault, so it’s effectively harder to get an Amazon rating above about 4.6 even with a perfect product, but where the rating does drop, more negative, is when it’s fair comment on basically a bad description.

If Anker wanted a higher rating, and less errors, then prune the products back, basically everything they ever made many older products and new exist in parallel making for a situation where any human would fail more often.

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Wonder which end the light comes out from?


I have a LC40, I like this new design :rofl:
Good find @professor

Yeah I think the two oval holes are where the UV and visible light come from and the pointed end is a laser.

When was it announced?


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What’s a baffle? I’m so glad it has ink, we always need ink.

This one is a stand, cool, I never wanted a baffle anyway. But where’s the ink?

The Icon Mini has the same words as the Icon.

This one is still there

I like the minimalism of this

Just have the fewest characters so no errors. Brilliant!


Thats one funky PowerLine! :man_facepalming:t2:


Do you think the person doing this can read English?

Or they simply so overloaded they can’t see their Soundcore for their Powerline?

Either way, there’s a consistent problem in lack of care.


I hope somebody bought it thinking they struck an insane deal on a great set of headphones

Maybe the descriptions and the photos aren’t put together by the same person/team and neither is applying any logic.
Or maybe its some kind of automated thing!

Lol, imagine the reviews

“I bought the headphones and when I put them in my ear they caused bleeding, I had to see the doctor”


“The Powerline did not have a port to charge my phone, sent it back”

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No the awful grammar which makes no English sense means actual non-English fluent did it. Look at the Baffles and Ink one above.


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Oh, come on, @professor. “Bright 4 X LED Flashlight” simply means the LEDs on the power wheel!

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Wow I hope I don’t see these kinds of things :laughing:

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