Anker On board | Live Stream 2019

Users lose interest if events don’t start at mentioned date time… I will be walking home now… hope to see the updates later on community here

Watch while walking :joy:. Don’t get hit :rofl:

They just lost my interest, I gotta get to work. Y’all have a good night, I got a crappy hour drive to work then working til 5:30 and another crappy hour drive home. I say crappy because its raining and it makes my knee hurt

Waiting :blush:


Glad you could make it there, take some awesome photos as you always do and keep us informed. Hope you get a goodie bag too

Lol. It rained here yesterday and today, so I guess it’s moving up toward y’all. It’s done here, and sunny (well before sunset it was).

Pretty sweet! Have fun their!

Look who’s here, Anker founder Steven Yang :grinning: I have very poor service here so Pro photos will have to wait for later.


If you’re allowed, can you get some photos of the new anker charging products? All the colorful ones, and the golden cable!

I am really interested in the nebula cosmos Max. I might get it’s future successor to replaces my current Tv.

The robovacs were already announced, so no comment.

The eufycam 2 is hardly much of an upgrade. It supports HomeKit, which is an upgrade for Apple users, but renders it useless for everyone else.

I really like that battery pack setup for businesses. It’s super sleek and cool.

The handheld vacuums are pretty cool. Idk if I would buy one yet…

I can’t think of anything else that was announced, but I’m sure their was something else :thinking:

Tried to watch now… Missed everything …

Hope @AnkerOfficial will upload the recording to Anker site.

You can watch it here

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Awesome! You rock @TechMan :+1:

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I want that Cosmo max, we use the capsule max (review coming soon) at home almost every day now and having a dedicated 4k projector would be much better picture wise.
I wouldn’t mind the handheld vacuum, for when I need to spot clean.


Also the 3D stereo audio! It really would be like sitting in a theatre!!

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Thanks for sharing replay, I just finished watching it😅
I may of missed the live event :sleeping::sleeping: (definitely didn’t fall asleep :zzz::pensive:)

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The Nebula Cosmo Max is incredible. A 4K projector at $999 on Kickstarter. The picture was clean at an estimated 150" projection


In case you guys haven’t seen my post, here’s my take of Anker On Board 2019:

So Wyze just had a livestream. They started about 5 minutes late, but it was still way better then anker did.