Anker Nano | Our Best Charger For iPhone 12

Apple will NEVER do.
Apple is Apple! :zipper_mouth_face:

There are Apple fans here and there are others.
We are a family so everybody can do what he/she likes to do and use
There are so many MS users, many Mac- OS users, only a few LINUXERs like me. :laughing:

But when I was at the university I had to get our projects work and running on all

So I am realy neutral.!

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Yeah, Apple should switch to USB-C. But I disagree about including a USB-C charger. I think they should always be optional going forward for all smartphones.

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Apple has already switched to USB-C for MacBooks and iPads. It’s only a matter of time before iPhones get USB-C. Maybe in 1-2 years.

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No, they will get rid of any sockets and plugs.
Wireless only.

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Except in France the is really no more charger and earbuds added.

Only a cable!

This is really a chance for our company to catch the that market! :grinning:

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Not anytime soon.

I think we already had this discussion. They may do that for one version of the iPhone, maybe their top tier product to make it waterproof, but not for all versions anytime soon.

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This was a year ago, times an situations are changing quickly as we all know.
PS: Some newbies may not check those old stuff! :rofl:

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Proprietary is the word.

I’ve been using USB-C on Samsung phones for the last few years. I purchased an iPad Pro 11" simply because I wanted to upgrade from an older iPad and the Pro model has USB-C.

As for the charger, many of us Techs here have Type C chargers but those folks that are switching from Lighting to USB-C or buying their first iPhone will be disappointed at not getting a charger AND no reduction in the overall price.


Great little charger! :ok_hand:


We all might think that Apple not including the charger is terrible, but Anker is probably celebrating. They give you a USB-C to lightning cable in the box, and some people don’t have USB-C chargers. That means they all need USB-C chargers, so Anker should really mass advertise the Nano.


They are mass advertising the Nano. e.g. this very thread and the mail bomb they sending to all subscribers.

The risk is noobs make the error through their lack of effort on research to think their old USB-A to Lightning can be used and buy a Nano then submit a bad review blaming Anker for their own lack of effort of “didn’t include cable required”.

So I think Anker should make it dead obvious via bundles with cables to the point you have to do a few more clicks to buy not with the cable because you did put in the effort to know what you needed.

These bundles do exist but they are not obvious and that’s where I see Anker’s fault rests, how they construct their listings to ensure a cable is offered each time.

e.g. this is the error

You then have to scroll down to find the not-best larger older charge with the cable bundle.

This is small print effectively and Anker is tripping up buyers because of this


I know of at least 20 people buying the iPhone 12. None of them need a USB-C charger. They are either current iPhone users with a lightning cable already (whether lightning to USB-A and/or lightning to USB-C) or Android converts coming from a USB-C ecosystem with a USB-C charger.

Even so, many will still purchase a USB-C charger for the faster charging speed. But very few people will actually NEED to buy a USB-C charger.


Yeah, they should offer a bundle option. Too many idiots complaining about compatibility.

As for marketing, yup yup. I see the Anker Nano ads on YouTube constantly, even when I have it on a kids channel for my daughter to watch. Several times a day.

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What about all the people upgrading from a earlier iPhone like a 6 or 7. USB-A worked perfectly well, like I have a iPhone 7 plus and USB-A with a good brick was perfect for me.

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@matthewdmorais Then you don’t need to buy a USB-C charger. Just keep using your current cable and brick.

It’s only if you want to fast charge that you need a USB-C charger. And if you are going to get one, then this Anker Nano is perfect.


“Need” is obviously in context.

Anyone who is seeking the fastest possible wired charging would be classed as wanting it.

Agree, that’s not everyone.

The way I see, everyone should get a Nano, a Powercore 10000 PD, and newer iPhone owners add a C to L cable. Then they rarely ever even have a flat phone, carry a couple of full charges with them and the charger recharges the Powercore overnight and then their iPhone while they are in the shower, ready for a long day. That’s going to be $60 or so for most people to totally remove battery angst for the life of the phone.

Where I see a problem coming is even at 20W, Apple is still about 4 year old technology. Android was 36W 4 years and phones now drifting into 60W+ and tablets and laptops higher.

The good news is with patience the Nano 18W got to a floor of about $13 before the speed bump and price bump so chances are 20W is going to hit that same price in coming weeks and so “big deal” not much $ wasted.

We’re seeing 30W about $20 and 60W $25 at times.


It’s an interesting one.
Since getting into this forum I’ve begun to understand charging more.
Apart from a few, when speaking to family, friends and work colleagues the need for maximum speed charging doesn’t seem to be a priority.
Most saying they top up in the car and charge overnight so don’t care!

Do you guys find the same?


So I do! :smile:
I am glad if it works and the battery is not killed.


Agree to a degree.

I agree in your observing same as you, most owners don’t care.

But these same very non-caring people also find their phone about to turn off flat and I get out my Powercore, 3-in-1 cable, top off their phone, they then say “where did you get that… how much did it cost…”

I think what most people need to do is carry a Powercore, even if just one of the lipstick shaped Mini+ but I’d always recommend a 10000.

They then don’t ever really get remotely flat, and then don’t really need fastest possible charge and then can use whatever older charging tech when they get to bed.

10W standard USB socket is perfectly fast enough, if you’re not in any rush.

More Powercore, less Watts. Then people can live and use their expensive phones as much as they like , enjoy their spend, without angst.

The flaw with this suggestion is many of the people who don’t care about phone charging, is they just end up with a flat Powercore instead as they didn’t plug it in at night. This is why the Powercore Fusion idea has its merits.


Yes, 100% @professor :rofl: