Anker goes public (IPO) ticker: 300866


Yes its been planned for months.

I expect Mr Yang will become very rich.

Also expect places like this community to become more political as shareholders tend to be more openly critical than internal management.


On target for $1bn this year.
Im sure that deserves a celebratory points giveaway! :rofl:
Great share @kumar.sachin


Will consumers benefit from this or will quality reflect a need to give shareholders a bigger dividend?

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Depends how they spent the money.

Anker has been making use of OEMs. They could instead burn those OEMs and build out their own factories, which is expensive, cut out middleman, have more control on quantity and timing.

Or they just become rich and then yes basically the shareholders dividends is then just a tax added to consumer prices.

The Anker product type is not that capital intensive, from cost of goods to revenue is likely only 60 days, so they never really needed much cash anyway. So what to do with the cash…


Great share @kumar.sachin!!

Nice to see our favorite brand public and popular… $1 Billion in sales for 2020, wow, that’s great!


Very interesting read and great share. Crazy about the on target for $1 billion in sales!

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That’s a lot of sales! Congrats Anker



You are cracking me up. I just got through reading the island giveaway post where someone stated seeing all the level zero on the community.

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Shares now.
I have some money left!

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Oh bummer. My online stock broker won’t let me buy Anker stock. Might be time to use a new broker…

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Great find @kumar.sachin :+1: I knew Anker would go this route and $1B revenue is not too far I think :thinking:
Congratulations Anker :tada:

Now it’s time to award some PowerShares to community members :joy:


Awesome idea. Yeah some PowerShares will be nice :smiley:

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Great share @kumar.sachin:ok_hand: Congrats ANKER!! :clap::clap::100::100:

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I don’t think PowerShares will happen for all the legal and practical reasons… may be community members can invest and buy Anker shares to support it

The shares dont show up here.
But this is too early at the moment.
I have to write and ask my broker about.

I was talking about virtual shares like virtual bucks (Powerbucks) :wink:

Sure, when they list on TSX/NYSE :+1:

An IPO is a major change.

A few will get very rich, many will get comfortably rich.

Some of these rich will be tied to not leave Anker for a given time or give up $$$.

Then the shareholders kick in, then fun turns to politics, then time to leave.

We consumers need good engineering and manufacturing, which can get lost in an IPO.


what is virtual shares … and do we need it??? … :roll_eyes::unamused:

better fix the points table than the virtual shares thing … keep it simple and not complicate the already complicated mix

one negative is, it also brings companies under scanner , mostly under governments … and then the political turns :zipper_mouth_face: