[US] Have they stopped sending emails with promotions? Haven't gotten any since November

I still get product announcements and stuff. Yes, I check my junk mail to be sure.

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Hey @Charlesisgreat
It seems I’m not the only one.
I guess they have been busy on other things.


Not certain about the US but I’ve had 1-2 drop in my inbox since then for UK, for earbuds and speakers…

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They don’t send emails to everyone all the time, to a subset each time.

I’ve seen some emails.

I got these for UK



This for USA


Yes it is quiet, but then November was manic, accepting that is now 3 months ago.

I’ve been on the mailing list a few years; used to get promo codes every week or so. Maybe it wasn’t a viable long term strategy.

I think it’s nothing more than they have cut back staffing, less time spent here.

Not getting emails to you specifically was not really ever a problem as always someone else would post them here anyway.

Effort at Soundcore has increased.

Now that you mentioned, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten their emails

I have got some emails.

I received an email on February 10th titled “Anker’s All-New Releases”.

Right. That’s still not the promotional email with things on sale. That’s my point :stuck_out_tongue:

May be coincidence but

Why discount and so lower shareholder dividends…

What is happening is “get what you give” - give all Anker your social media contacts, share, like, subscribe, so Anker can sell products to your friends. Sell more. Not discount more.