Anker Flare 2 Charging and Connections

  1. How can I see the charge level of the Flare 2?
  2. Is it possible to connect the Flare 2 to a phone while being connected to a laptop?
    My headset will switch to phone to answer a call even when I’m listening to music on the laptop. I am connected to both.
    What I want is to set up the features using the app on the phone while connected to the laptop. Possible?

Hi @andybock1 you can see the charge level using the Soundcore app and/or battery widget of your phone.

For connecting between multiple devices you would probably be best disconnecting (not forgetting) from one paired device before connecting to the other as per @duane_lester comment on the following thread

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I don’t think you can connect it to 2 other devices at the same time, unless those devices are Flare 2

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can i charge my flare 2 with a 20w adapter?

Yeah you can :+1:

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