AAA Big Surprise | Anker Power Goes Old School



Somebody chuck some of these in a Xbox controller and see how long they last.

Congratulations winners :ok_hand:


8 kids = 8 batteries? :joy::joy::joy:


Congrats on the winners and I love this new product :relieved::ok_hand:


Challenge accepted!


I guessed battery though?
oh well


Who uses alkaline batteries anymore?? :joy:


Great! Too bad it’s not rechargeable :frowning:


Anker do rechargeables with chargers also.


Fresh, everyone complaining about these not being rechargeable needs to learn to read. They said they will be coming out with rechargeable ones next.


Codes do not work on Amazon if you have prime which most of us do. Here is a screen shot of my order and the discounts entered already. This needs to be fixed before the Sale ends or the sale taken down so the coding on Amazon’s end can be fixed and the sale replaced so we can take advantage of the sale.


The discount works even if you have Amazon prime, some items get excluded from using multiple coupons, so in this case each pack would have to be purchased separately in order to take advantage of each discount. Otherwise Amazon will only apply it to 1 item and not both


…Is this an out of season April Fools joke?


Anker has released these AA / AAA batteries, and it’s not April Fools Joke…




I will wait on when Anker comes with the Rechargeable Batteries via USB-A, USB-C, or may be Wireless Charged


Batteries to be charged wirelessly? :thinking: now that would be cool


Totally! I’d love that. I would think the only way for something like that to actually would would be to put the batteries in some sort of case that will send the power to them to charge.

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I know right so old school

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