AAA Big Surprise | Anker Power Goes Old School



Hey Fans,

In this blog, we have a confession and an apology to make…

We have been stupid and we’re sorry :sob:.

For 8 years now, we’ve been working so hard on the future of portable power that we have totally forgotten the past. Not all devices require a 60W USB-C Power Delivery input with intelligent device detection! In fact, some devices don’t even have built-in batteries of their own! Poor things. It’s time we started giving these little guys a taste of Anker power. No longer will we ignore the clickers, the bloopers, the bleepers, the zappers, or of course, the flashers.

Introducing Anker AA and AAA Alkaline batteries. They might have an old school form-factor, but they’re still packed with Anker’s trademark performance and power:

Long-Lasting Power: Power small devices like remotes for over a year, or keep toys and game controllers running for much longer than other brands are able to.

PowerLock: An air- and liquid-tight seal keeps the power inside until you’re ready to unleash it.

10-Year Shelf Life: Anker Alkaline batteries work flawlessly for up to 10 years after they are purchased.

Adaptive Output: Anker Alkaline batteries deliver only the power required by your devices, ensuring universal compatibility and long life.

If you’re an Anker fan in the US and your clickers and bloopers are still powered by batteries that are more at home in little pink bunnies, then get up to 25% off some Anker power until June 19th.

AAA 24-pack | 25% Off With Code: [color=red] ANKERAAA1[/color]
AA 24-Pack | 18% Off With Code: [color=red]ANKERAA1[/color]
AAA 48-pack | 15% Off With Code: [color=red]ANKERAAA2[/color]
AA 48-pack | 12% Off With Code: [color=red]ANKERAA2[/color]

This isn’t our last stop on the train to battery town, either. We’ve got plenty of other AA/AAA ideas in the pipeline, so watch this space!

Finally, we want to announce the community members who correctly guessed what we were up to. You’ll all receive a set of our new batteries. Congratulations to:


Until next time, power on!

Charging AAA and AA batteries with a Anker PowerCore+ 26800
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I suppose @Kumar.sachin will tell us a lot about the quality of the batteries.
I am sure!


Congratulations winners :thumbsup:
glad to see known people winning....and a battery expert :nerd:

When are you entering the rechargeable battery line up? @AnkerTechnical


Thanks and thank you, @AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical! That's some really nice branding and design on the batteries!

My only question is how were there only 3 of us that guessed correctly? lol


Confess, you got a crystal ball! :joy:



Congrats to the winners!

@AnkerOfficial, I hope rechargeable batteries are the next release!


@Ice1 @Quinn_Armstrong Stay tuned!!!:sunglasses:


Cool to see the release but with the devices I have, I moved to all rechargeable. Would love to see a rechargeable option next!!!


We are working on it!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Glad to know that you are working on it :sunglasses:


Congrats to the chosen winners @TheCharneco @Seth_Tutera @Kumar.sachin

Good to know @AnkerTechnical that recharge versions could also be on the horizon :slight_smile: though I would have thought you might have pushed for that first, to cut down on waste / recycling etc :thinking:


Good news anker! Maybe Some of our users will test them to other famous brands AA batterys
Congratz To Winners!


Congratulations to the winners :clap:

Looking forward to rechargeable AA/AAA batteries

Nice to see familiar names


I was close. I said rechargeable AAA and AA batteries instead of regular batteries.


USB A port on the rechargable AA cells please​:grin: I like the all-in-one form factor that doesn't require a charging cable.

Maybe USB C would be better for AAA's​:thinking: but I would also be happy with micro USB input I guess...


Grats on win guys. Hope to hear how they perform in the future.


So are those three the only community members that won? Congrats to them! I really think that the price is too high on these battery’s. Good luck selling them :joy:.

@TheDude they have been announced since March....