Windows 10 and Soundcore thread

This will need some moderator help to end up tidy. Placing this now in general and not yet in Q&A.

Can Windows 10 owners paste their solutions to the common Windows 10 issues which keep coming up. Workarounds, screenshots etc.

Then this thread can be the reply to common Windows 10 with speakers bluetooth reply.

I don’t own Windows 10 but I can see it keeps coming up so I cannot write the solutions but I can spot the need to have a write up of the solutions.

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I second this as its one of the most common issues that come up and having a dedicated place to send users to for answers would help a lot


If the Windows system hardware is old, on older bluetooth, and you’re using wireless buds (where on older bluetooth one bud retransmits the signal to the other bud) , then try to make the laptop use 5Ghz Wifi so they don’t compete on the 2.4Ghz frequency with bluetooth.

Is there a particularly good write up of the headphones vs headset , quality, microphone problem to point to from here? It’s the most common issue I’ve found.

I’m pretty sure this will need moderator help to leave a finally tidy thread, I can only edit my title and posts.

I really suppose you are the one who git the most experience with all the issues.
Not me of course.
I could help someone pout if there are LINUX issues,
but the few here using LINUX (@professor) are experts as well. :laughing:
They need no help at all.

I wrote about that.
Those who change to 5ghz should first care about if the “old devices” can do.!
Linux I know
iwlist wlan0 freq

Windows : I wrote the command in another tread.

netsh wlan show drivers

or so.

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