What's your oldest Anker product you still use today?

Mine is the Anker PowerPort 6.

I got it in May 2016 and its still going strong! Makes for a great travel companion on my many trips.

It was my first product from Anker and the reason I’ve made over 20 more purchases since then from Anker… :smile_cat:


My oldest Anker Item i still use is Anker Premium USB-C Hub with Ethernet and Power Delivery, got this in March 2016, still going good! have many more devices since then, some purchased, some I received for reviews, some prizes :slight_smile:

My oldest Anker products is Soundbuds Slim from April of last year and use it everyday when I go to class. The only other product I have is Soundcore Life 2 and will be getting one of the cables today

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anker screen protector for iphone 6 and still going well today just dropped it last week and luckily protected my phone but got a spider crack on the protector; however, i have another anker one which i’ll just replace :slight_smile:

I have an old Anker Soundcore Nano. I don’t use much anymore but I have 2 of them sitting in my desk I can use if I can’t find my soundcore mini 2.

I have the battery pack and charger for my Galaxy S3 phone that still works and holds a charge. I did have the first portable batterypack they made, I forgot what it was called but that died 2 years ago when I ran it through the wash… Oops

Anker Astro3 10000 mAh battery pack from 2012
Still works like a champ


Nice! Do you find yourself using the Ethernet port often? I have a few and I don’t really use it too much

Oh nice! Didn’t know they made screen protectors lol

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Oh wow! That thing looks ancient in comparison to today’s power banks. lol

I’d have to say my iPhone cable that I’ve been using for about 9 years now! Still kickin’! I have so many Anker products, the best ever!

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Used it extensively in the past, nowadays use it once a while, connect to WiFi most of the time

It’s held over time, its premium look has not changed over time

Lol I just discovered Anker last year but hopefully in a couple years I can say I’m still using my Anker cables and chargers

Completed exactly 3 years of connection with Anker but have not been active on community, until recently

2nd Gen Astro A1211 5000mAh


I use my old A3143 sometimes. I got it in early 2015.
Still working perfectly, but I use more the Flare and th the Zero.

Not sure my virgin Anker product, but yes I use my Anker products, and none are more than 18 months (ISH!)

Power Port II

My oldest one is a power bank lipstick size from… 2014?

An old 10000mAh powerbank.

Think there was a previous thread about this, or something similar.