What's your oldest Anker product you still use today?

I’m pretty sure my oldest Anker product that I still use today is my iPhone 6S Anker SlimShell case that I purchased way back on September 25, 2015 from Amazon. This case has been amazing and has held up great over all these years.

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I want an anker case, but they don’t make one for the iPhone XR :disappointed:

:frowning: That’s a bummer. Maybe they will eventually. I really love this case and will be sad to let it go when I inevitably get a new phone.

Ankers brand of cases, are NOT making anymore.

Some of the old styles for newer iPhones, but I have no idea what fits what

So they will not be releasing anymore cases :disappointed:

I still see some of Anker phone cases, though they do not show the KARAPAX brand anymore

I think @MacBlank meant that they will not design any new cases…

Anker said ages ago, it wouldn’t be doing anymore case.


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Why did you tag Ankeroffical?

And that’s a shame. I really wanted to try one.

3D print it mang!

My oldest Anker product is the 21W PowerPort Solar. I think it’s 4 years old now. I still use it all the time. I also have an anker astro E1 that’s about the same age. My partner carries it constantly and loves it.

I still don’t have a 3d printer :joy:. Also if I did that it wouldn’t be an anker case :joy:

So they could reiterate, what I said.

You could print one that says “@nker” it’ll be close enough

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Anker has niche products for Powerbanks, Chargers, Audio and Auto / Entertainment.

Phone cases do not actually fall into their product area, or their expertise, though they have been creating lot of phone case in the past, i have used many of those, good quality items. But I wouldn’t blame them if they consider not to create more, i feel it is a good decision to focus on core products than have multiple product lines.

I see a Business sense here

:joy: or just print one that says “anker” because it doesn’t matter since it’s for private use only.

Why take all the trouble with 3D printing, when there are so many other brand cases :slight_smile:


did not mean to hurt sentiments :innocent:

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No - you’re right. It’s easier and more cost effective to buy one from a manufacturer. I’m just into 3D printing as a hobby :grinning:

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