Soundbuds slim not pairing on iOS13

I’ve got a new iPhone 11 and my soundbuds won’t pair! I’ve tried resetting the headphones, network settings on the phone, turning everything on and off… no luck so far. The phone finds them, but won’t pair. The phone has connected fine to my Fitbit, so I’m stuck.


You should reset the bluetooth settings.
If the Soundbuds show up at the bluetooth list and wont pair,
delete these and search for bluetooth devices again.

And try to connect the Soundbuds to another device and see if those are working.

If all these attempts dont lead to any solution you should contact the support.

Same issue here too . Sound buds slim is not connecting to my iPhone 11 as well . Tried resetting Bluetooth settings no effect . It’s still working fine on my old iPhone .

Same. They also still connect to my husbands iPhone X which has iOS13 downloaded. My new phone is connecting to literally everything except the soundbuds! Apple support also seems to be stumped at the moment. I’ll let you know how it goes

Reset the bluetooth on the headset by holding down the volume up and down button for 5 seconds. This should automatically put it into pairing mode, go into your phones bluetooth and search. Once it shows up click on the name and it should pair

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Thanks. I have already tried that but it didn’t work.

I am having the same issue. Only had these headphones for a week. A little disappointed. Will there be a fix?

I’m having the same issue - works on iOS13 on the iPhone 6s but not my new iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’ve had some words with apple and they’ve asked me to factory reset my phone. Also sent an email to Anker- disappointed but not sure who should I be disappointed with Apple or Anker!

It’s obviously a new feature from Apple.
They probably have some kind of chargeable “add on” you can purchase for a million pounds and it’ll work a treat :joy:
But in all seriousness, hope you get it working soon :+1:t2:

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Apple don’t have a fix as of yet - after resetting the whole phone a couple of times the issue persists. However, they said there will probably be an update within the next couple of days to sort out any bugs that have been spotted on ios13, so they are hopeful that will fix the issue. If it doesn’t work, I was advised to get a replacement handset within the 2 week return period.

Hope we all get a solution soon!

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I’ve also sent Anker an email. Because bluetooth appears to be working on both devices, it’s really weird. They just don’t like each other. I’ll let you know what response I get from Anker too.

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I am having the same problem. I got the iPhone Pro and my soundbuds slim+ won’t pair. I paired and unpaired them a few times with my MacBook Pro fine. Having zero luck with my iPhone Pro, Soundbuds just won’t connect.

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Apple updates always screws something up, android is no different depending on manufacturer who sends the updates.

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Woah. A lot of people are having this issue.

Contact Apple support instead

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They will offer an “apple-white special adapter” for ca 100 Euros.

It clear the buds work with ALL devices except Apple, but it is not an issue of Apple. :rofl:.

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I just got this from Anker support:

Thank you for contacting Customer Service for Anker and Soundcore. So sorry to hear about the issue with your headphones! We would love to make this right for you as quickly and easily as possible.

*Please note that the new iPhone does not pair with these earbuds due to the software compatibility of the new iPhone and iOS version. Our technical team has known this issue and are working on the improvement. We will send you the upgraded version of the item working with your iPhone once it’s available. It may take around 3-4 weeks. If you are unwilling to wait for the upgraded version, you can also return the item to Amazon for a full refund and I will also be glad to offer you our VIP 15% discount for your new order of the upgraded version. *

We have also added a note “The product is not compatible with iPhone 11 temporarily, and is being upgraded” on our listing. It will be reflected on Amazon listing soon.

I got the same response. At least it’s been acknowledged. As they were already aware of the issue it would have been helpful if they could have put the note up on their website before I spent 3 hours on the phone to apple!

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Well they still work with IOS13 on older phones. It just seems to be the new phones that have the issue

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Wow, that’s crazy. Never would have guessed that it was the earbuds that were incompatible. Just goes to show how far anker is Willing to go to make things right.

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Much more than Apple would have done.
Good work Anker.