Question for Everyone 🤔


I can’t wait;;;;

The gleam stuff is not cool though.

I totally agree. I check in daily but doesn’t seem like much is happening.


We were promised changes and something happening.
But nothing happens.
Same is on the soundcore forum.
We made suggestions a lot, we talked about improvements a lot, we were promised changings.
But what happens : Nothing.
Of course there are other tasks for the staff there than to care about the forums.
May be they focus more on these unsocial media now.

If there is no more interest to keep this forum alive, they should close it.



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I really hope the community makes a come back it used to be such a great place. It still is with some of the regulars on here but not the same as it was before.

Hey everyone!

I’ve seen this thread become more active over the past couple of weeks with people concerned about the upgrades coming to the community, so I just wanted to check in. It is exciting to see so many long-time members of the community invested in what’s next and wanting the community to be restored / rejuvenated!

When I originally onboarded Anker and began working on the new community, we expected the timeline for the project to be quite quick. Since then, we have taken a step back over the past month to ensure that we’re putting the necessary time into designing and developing a community whose structure will be here to stay for years to come.

All of that said, I’m excited to share that in the past 2 weeks, our IT teams have begun developing the new community. We are just starting to be able to test everything out!

While I can’t give an exact timeline as to when the new community will be fully live, I can certainly continue to update everyone. I’m thinking I will continue to give updates and answer questions in this thread so that it’s moreso a conversation between the Anker team (me) and the members who care most (you). Is that something you’d be interested in?

As a first taste of what’s to come with the new community, the main pages will be changing from:


  • Home
  • Forum
  • PowerDraw
  • Testing Club
  • Power User


  • Home
  • Share
  • Connect
  • Participate
  • Support

We are placing a huge emphasis on more content to engage with more easily, along with participation incentives that we hope will continue to make you all passionate about the community we have here.

I’m open to hearing everyone’s thoughts / opinions / concerns about the community and what I’ve had to say in this message, and I’ll do my best to respond promptly!

Thank you everyone for your support, I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

~ Mason


Thanks for the update.

If PowerDraw is old and not in the new community, what happens to the PowerBucks? The were points accumulated over months and years used to win prizes and sometimes auctions.


Really appreciate the update and definitely would love to continue to hear more updates in the future. There are a lot of us that still care about the community and a bunch of regulars that tried to keep it alive when it felt like it was being forgotten. I second @professor on wondering what will happen with the power bucks that used to be used for the power draw since that isn’t listed as one of the topics. I’m interested in what the focus of each of the new sections will be and am excited to see what is to come. Also out of curiosity do you happen to know if Ankermake is making their own community around their 3D printers kind of like Soundcore or if that will just become a part of this community (they had mentioned a community in one of their live streams I went to )


I do! I hope this brings in a whole new factor of discovery and discussion to the communit’s!

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Hey @mason.sergent
Great to hear from you and that progress is taking place.
I’m also with those who have commented on the PowerBuck situation.
Also, if testers are required to trial the new forum then let me know, I would be happy to help.

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This question here is a billion dollar worth :grin::+1:t2:

Powerbucks was an incentive to visit Anker community… If this is taken away, … :mask:

@AnkerOfficial @mason.sergent can we buy anker stuff using powerbucks?
May be 1 powerbuck = $1 USD :slight_smile:


5 years ago…


Lol, they would be bankrupt…I’m guessing the participate might be able to use some of the pb…

Interesting to hear something is happening behind the scenes…shame there hasn’t been much engagement with members to address past concerns before community Mach 4 started development behind the scenes…


shame there hasn’t been much engagement with members to address past concerns before community Mach 4 started development behind the scenes…


1:1 change!
Oh ja, if I take a look at my Powerbuck account I am able to acquire more products i ever will need.:rofl:

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I welcome changes. It should be more engaging.


Hey everyone! Back with some more information and answers to the questions above.

It seems that the main question the majority of you have is around PowerBucks and their utility on the community, and also making sure that the bucks you’ve earned aren’t lost when the new community launches.

This was one of the first things we took into account when beginning to develop the new community. Rest assured, when the new community launches, you will not lose the PowerBucks you’ve all worked to save up.

That said, we are exploring new ways to integrate PowerBucks to the community that may launch after the new community interface launches. We want to restore actual utility of PowerBucks on the community so that they have real value.

We are also aiming to bring more life to the ways you’re able to earn PowerBucks. For example, if you participate in something like the Anker Earth Day Giveaway, you should get PowerBucks for entering! It is my opinion that you should be able to earn PowerBucks every time you participate in an initiative on the community.

I’m more than happy to help answer any more questions you may have about PowerBucks below.

For the next update I drop in the thread below, what do you want to hear more about?


I really appreciate the update and good to know that the powerbucks aren’t going away. Does this mean that we will still have the powerdraw even though I don’t think you listed it as one of the sections in the new community


Always more questions than answers, :laughing:


sadly yes but I still appreciate the update and answers. I am just confused as to what they will be used for since we are getting to keep them.

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