PowerLine+ USB-C to USB-C Cable Braided Unboxing Review

Hey Everyone

I don’t normally review cables, well, there just cables right?

Not the most interesting of subject to read or write about.

The only other cable I’ve reviewed is the PowerLine III as I got hold of it though Ankers Testing Club. You can see the review here;

I’ll class this as an unboxing review as it’s good to see real life photos rather than the glossy shots you get on online - I won’t bore you with many words, I can here some regulars say that would make a change! :smiley:

The reason I’m pulling this together is because the packaging this comes in is nothing short of fantastic. Much better than you would expect and far better than it needs to be, the stowage case even has a magnetic closure!
The premium packaging fits the fact it’s premium cable.

See what’s happening? I’m talking to much!
Here’s some photos, let me know if you have any questions…


Very good review and pictures

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Thanks @ikari04warrior

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great review and nice photos! great job!!

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Nice photos, I really like that little case is comes with.

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Thanks @Daiross and @Unnamed - i was surprised with the case too, nice touch!

Nice review and photos Paul.

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Thanks @Macgyver15
I’m well pleased with the lead. I haven’t used it yet, bought to have ready for a new phone in Feb.
But it’s been used at work by the boys who have newer Samsung’s and Huawei and charges a treat.

Pretty nice. I think Anker need to start selling those cases.

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I’d buy some if the price was right, saves cables getting squashed up at the bottom the laptop bag.
Would also make my glovebox a bit tidier in the car!