[New Release] PowerExpand 8-in-1 Now Available!

Anker has just released a new USB-C data hub… Take a look at PowerExpand 8-in-1!

Features & details

  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 55 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Massive Expansion: Equipped with a USB-C Power Delivery input port, a USB-C data port, 2 USB-A data ports, 1 HDMI port, an Ethernet port, and a microSD/SD card reader, giving you an incredible range of functions—all from a single USB-C port.
  • High-Speed, High-Def: USB-C and USB-A data ports provide file transfer at speeds up to 10 Gbps, while an HDMI port supports media display at resolutions up to 4K@60Hz.
  • Powerful Pass-Through Charging: Compatible with USB-C Power Delivery to provide high-speed pass-through charging up to 85W.
  • What You Get: PowerExpand 8-in-1 USB-C PD 10Gbps Data Hub, travel pouch, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

How does this differ from the other upcoming PowerExpand 8-in-1, you ask?

  • This model opts for a USB-C data port over the second HDMI port.
  • Data port transfer speeds are up from 5Gbps to 10Gbps.

That’s it… There are only two differences.

Pricing and Availability: Anker’s PowerExpand 8-in-1 is available to order now from amazon.com for $59.99 and should begin shipping on June 14.

What are your thoughts on Anker’s latest USB-C data hub? Be sure to let us know with a reply!

I think Anker’s lineup of hubs is becoming an atrocious mess.


Glad to see 8-in-1, windows laptops can use these…but too many hubs now, .thanks for sharing…


Naming convention as with so many hubs the chance of getting the wrong one is significant.

If Anker wanted to put in the effort, make 1 current table with all hubs and what’s included in each other, then put “this one” under the relevant selling page.

So you’d have two columns (of many) and this 8-in-1 has something like

HDMI x 1

And the other one had


Then with each new hub or retired hub, they’d have to edit the table add/remove colums, then go into every selling page in every country and replace the table editing each with the “this one” column.

With choice comes responsibility to help avoid the mess your choices made.


Also on anker.com , the hubs section, a buyers guide with questions asked, like
“1st choice” and you select what you need most from the hub
“2nd choice” and you select drop down

As you select then the list of hubs available shrinks.

Yes, takes effort, but consumers if you give them a wide choice just make more errors so you’re responsible to avoid the errors.


  • a list of product pages in each country, maintained at different versions
  • Amazon pages not maintained created and not maintained at different ages so replaced products still for sale and better newer ones not mentioned.
  • leaving it to fully to the community to clear up Anker’s mess.

I think the accumulation of past hub decisions and designs is what it is, you cannot rewrite history. What you can do is keep a maintained map of products to direct people in least effort with lowest error to the best fit. The idea of down-drop priorities is probably how people think, they know what they need most and then a nice-to-have and so if they constrain to essentials then see the subset which matches, then they decide between nice-to-have, size, cost.

It’s also needed in Powercore, Powerport. There’s specific products which only work with specific products like MBP requires one of the hundred product description pages to be noticed.

I’d also like Anker to withdraw from sale the older products, I know that is costly or do something other than let them compete out there.

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Somebody over at Anker must love hubs lol




Sounds interesting. Do you have a photo of the upcoming hub? Price?

I wish they made these hubs with TWO USB-C Gen 2 10Gbps ports in the front. I have a Gen 2 hub with one USB-C Gen 2 port and usually use that for my headphone DAC when editing music on my PC. I would need a 2nd data port for other Type C devices.


I do not yet, though the other 8-in-1 should be $59.99.


There’s no physical inherent reason to be bigger, there’s a small chance it’s slightly smaller as the port difference is to smaller.

The technical differences looks a $2 but price is market rate (i.e. people paying more causes it to discount less) and that is unpredictable, but after the initial month or so, I’d expect $5 max difference in cost.

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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I need 1 hdmi 4k at least 1 USB-C with both power(60 watts pass through at least) and data and an ethernet port. I didn’t want to buy the 7 in 2 because it took two ports and the other 7 in 1 ones didn’t have the right specs.
Do you know around when this 8 in 1 hub will come out, also has the other 8 in 1 (2 hdmi ) hub because I can’t seem to find to on amazon.
Hopefully I can get it before college starts again.


Also one difference you forgot to mention is than in the other review PowerExpand 8-in-1 the hdmi had 4K@30Hz capabilities while in this review the new 8 in 1 hub has 4K@60Hz


Dont forget the hub needs power for itself so you’re probably going to need a high Wattage USB-PD charger, probably in the 85W-100W region.

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@Insider Any updates on the approximate release date yet?

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I have added product images to the original post HERE.


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Ooooh do you hear that


sounds like its calling my name

:star_struck: I hope this one comes with a fabric version just like the other 8 in 1 hub. That would seal the deal.

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Thanks. The USB-C port should be in the front of the hub alongside the card reader. Why have two USB-A ports in the front? Flaw in my opinion.

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Well, front is relative to which side of the device you plug the cable into, right?

As a pro photographer who would utilize the SD and MicroSD card readers on a daily basis, I would want the card reader(s) and USB-C port in the front, facing me on my workstation.

With a mobile laptop it wouldn’t matter but most PCs and laptops have USB-A ports available and on the chassis. Not many desktops have USB-C on a chassis, so bringing the USB-C port to ME would be what I would want. Manufacturers need to listen to feedback from it’s consumers.

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All I was saying is that “front” is relative. I personally would prefer to have my hub on the right side of my computer, so in that case, the USB-C ports would be in front (I know the Anker logo would be backwards).

I understand that you want USB-C and SD on the same side. Anker will probably release one like that eventually, but you nailed it head here:

Perhaps others feel differently?

It’s also worth noting that Anker’s progress toward adopting newer technologies has been generally slow compared to other manufactures (ex. USB-C chargers, Soundcore products, etc.). I’m definitely not saying that this shouldn’t change, but that’s just what we’ve seen from them.

It’s also important to keep in mind that most of us on the forum are tech enthusiasts, so our expectations/desires are a bit different than the average consumer…

But USB-C is reversible, so left/right is irrelevant as you simply insert upside down to have most used ports towards you.

The question is therefore are there ports you use most vs the ones tend to be output. I’d suggest HDMI pointing rear is correct as is USB-C in.

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Looks cool, I have the 5-in-1 it is great but lacks a USB C pass through. could definitely benefit from the passthrough an the extra USB C as I only have 2 on my MacBook Pro 13

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