[New Release] Anker Branded Batteries - AA & AAA

OMG :hushed::open_mouth: Should make small batterys as well, wink wink Anker

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You mean like watch battery’s?

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Yeah. :wink:


Most likely rebranded cells; hopefully from good companies like Panasonic (Eneloops).

Hopefully this is not the case. Anker has built a name around there battery’s, and it would be a shame not to have the real deal.

Personally I hate rebranded products. It’s a horrible idea, and bad business practice.

Finally… the rabbit is out of the hat :frowning:

Regular AA / AAA batteries… bit dissapointing from Anker, i had expected microUSB / USB chargeable batteries from Anker…


That’s a very strange concept…

what is so strange about it? Anker already make great rechargeable power-banks, these would be a great addition

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Perfect example of Logistics, Marketing, Social teams not coordinating for Product Launch …

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It’s a lot cheaper and faster to rebrand than it is to start from scratch (construction, R&D, etc). Super common practice.

@Shenoy It’s not bad, I’ve just never heard of such a thing…

@Lumen_Max just because it’s common business practice, doesn’t make it good business practice.

We don’t need the same product on the market multiple times. It just makes life harder. If you don’t want to design and manufacture a product, then don’t sell it. It’s as simple as that.

Was replying to the term “strange” in your comment :smile: These kind of batteries have been out for sometime now, and pretty useful for Wireless mouse used on a daily basis.

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you will not get high capacity from those rechargeables ones (recharging circuit occupies precious space).

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Improving the capacity limitations would have been an innovation, Anker could have capitalized on this opportunity

Ooh these could be useful - the way my kids go through batteries and I’m forever recharging! Need some more and decent ones at that!

Do you think we’ll get them on UK Amazon?


That would be cool

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I knew it! hahaha. Really looking forward to these, especially the rechargeable part! Sorry to hear that the rabbit was let out of the hat early. :frowning:

BTW, if you haven’t seen the movie Bockers yet and don’t mind raunchy humor, it’s hilarious!

The way they shows up on Amazon, i don’t think these are even rechargeable , look like regular disposable ones.

I agree that they don’t look rechargeable, but that would be nice if they were!

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Best Part… its a Test, shows as quote "Ultra-High Capacity: With a huge 20000mAh capacity PowerCore Edge can charge your phone seven times. It also provides a complete charge to even the most power-hungry tablets."

@AnkerOfficial you need to remove this from Amazon listing at the earliest (believe today is some holiday)