New Anker Sponsored Event: MountainMoot 2019



Hi all,

I’m excited to announce that our favorite electronic accessory company has agreed to sponsor one of the best online learning and educational technology conferences in the world: the MountainMoot!

Held annually on the campus of Carroll College in Helena, Montana, this event brings together technology savvy and technology focused educators from around the world to discuss best practices in tech-enabled education. This year, we have attendees from all over the United States, Canada, the UK, and even Colombia! In the past we have had attendees from as far away as Australia and Spain! We began our conference nine years ago as a simple conference focused on online learning.

This year we are focusing more on edtech by adding sessions on 3D printing, Raspberry Pi programming, and teaching in Tech augmented classrooms. Obviously, Anker products fit right into our demographic, and we are planning on setting out Anker chargers, powerbanks, and speakers for everyone to use! I’m even including some from my own personal collection. :grinning:

Perhaps most importantly, we give away MootBucks for people that participate in sessions, tweet good educational advice, and generally engage with each other at the conference. At the big party on Thursday night, we have a huge party where the mootbucks are suddenly worth a LOT of money and can be used to bid on and purchase REAL products - like the ANKER products pictured above!


We are also known for our own great giveaways, including t shirts, Mugs, Coozies, and other great kitsch!




In addition to the learning, we have several social events and outings for people to come together as a community. We do mountain hikes, a 5k, and several parties!



And, of course, tons of great sessions:




We are expecting around 150 people this year, which is pretty normal for us. It’s a lot to handle in one place! Our total mailing list is almost 1000, and we have lots of people that participate remotely via Twitter and periscope every year. We also allow public school teachers in for 1/2 price and offer scholarships to national and international attendees that need help getting to our conference. We actually have a scholarship sponsored by a long-time attendee that just wants more people to join.

Finally, I want to thank @ankerofficial and the marketing team for sending us GREAT prizes for our auction this year, and extend a personal invitation to anyone in the community that wants to join us. If you are into EdTech, Educational A/V, or Moodle, this is the place for you! See more at and feel free to DM me , since I’m one of the Chief Mootineers of this shindig! Special discounts for Anker Community :wink:


Sounds like a good conference and a great initiative towards learning!!!

Like the Mootbucks, more like Powerbucks :smile:

Thanks for sharing these details @gAnkster :+1:


Hey we did it first - in 2014! :money_with_wings::moneybag::money_mouth_face::laughing:


So Anker was inspired by your mootbucks :joy:


HA! I like to think so :sunglasses:


Sounds like a fun conference… wish I could make it lol


Seems like a cool and pretty fun event. Congrats @gAnkster for being of it wish you guys a lot of success!! And good job Anker on sponsoring the event

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I swear we didn’t know mootbucks before, but it’s definitely a good idea!


Is this a photo of your live event last year?:grin:


Cool conference! Thank you, Anker!


I trust you @AnkerOfficial :+1:


Great idea to bring like minded people together and open doors for more innovative creations…
Thanks for sharing @gAnkster and @AnkerOfficial for sponsoring :+1:


Sounds awesome. Have a fab time guys


Wow that sound so cool hope ya have fun thanks so much for sharing



This event looks fantastic! Glad Anker could come aboard and support the group.

Wish I lived close enough, I would love this!


All of these photos are from previous years of the MountainMoot!


:rofl:We share our ideas openly anyway :smiley:


Well done lad, this looks great.

Just goes to show what people will do for a freebie … A 5k hike :sob: … Many years ago I used to do 5/7.5k runs, and if I got a freebie, I might have signed up to the 10k run as well! lol

Educators do a fantastic job, in difficult environments. Keep up the good work :stuck_out_tongue:


A quick screenshot of our Moodle with @AnkerOfficial logo!