New Anker Sponsored Event: MountainMoot 2019

Thanks! You have pulled a lot of sponsorships.:rofl:

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Yeah! Lots of companies like the exposure to our crowd. In addition to actual Moodle admins and teachers, we have a lot o consultants, which then influence lots of others.

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A couple of pics from the first day! More to come!

We have a LOT of people very interested in the @AnkerOfficial products on offer. We have even been doing some testing!

PowerDrive Duo III

PowerCore 10000 PD on a Macbook:

And PowerPort Mini III on Macbook:

Can’t wait to share the pics and videos of tonight and tomorrow’s parties!


I bid 40 mootbucks!


pretty cool!!

The lowest bid on an Anker product was 60 Mootbucks :laughing:

A pair of soundcore flare minis went for 13,000 :hushed:

I have videos of the live auctions. Will post them over the weekend. For now I must sleep.

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Where are them videos @gAnkster :joy:

OK, here they are, along with some other stuff. First of all, a video of the live auction for the flare mini pair:

Next, a video of one of us “making it rain” mootbucks at one of the parties for the event:

A video of a dance (for which dancers were paid in mootbucks of course) at another event:

Also, some photos. First, the ANKER charging station at the party (we had one of these at the conference too)

Soundcore flare mini on the registration table (it was there playing the whole time):

Generic party pic while demoing the flare minis on the first night of the event:

And one more pic from a session I was presenting:

I want to thank @AnkerOfficial again for the sponsorship and say that there were a lot of people already packing ANKER products to the event. I saw one presenter with an Atom PD 1 & Nylon C to C cable powering his macbook, a 20000 mAh PD Switch branded powerbank, several Anker USB C to HDMI hubs, and over a dozen Astro, slim, or other powercore powerbanks. I also loaned out pretty much every Anker Product I own at some point or another, whether the c to lighting cable or any one of my several power banks.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you at MountainMoot 2020!


Thanks for sharing some clips and photos of the event!

That was a very stressful auction!

@AnkerOfficial you should make it rain PowerBucks like that.

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