My Powerhouse II 400 Review

First I want to thank @ankerofficial and staff for selecting me to test this powerhouse out, and also for allowing me some extended time for review. With that said I do apologize to everyone who has been waiting for my review, I was suppose to have it up and posted last week but I let time get away from myself as I got caught up with life issues and work.

After much delay and testing here is My Powerhouse II 400 review, This is my written part, the video will be added over the weekend as its currently rendering and wont be done until then.

Specs: Powerhouse II 400 total cell capacity is 108,000mah which consit of 24 cells @4500mAH.
The total rated capacity is 27,000mAh @ 14.4v, or 388.8 Wh.
All this is in package that weights 10.2lbs and is 10 x 5.5 x7.5 including thed handle.
The operating temperature is 32F to 104F…

Outputs: (1) 3 prong AC outlet that can supply 110V up to 300w
(1) Car socket supplying DC voltage up to 110w
(1) 5.5mm Barrel plug that also has an input/output of 110w
(3) USB-A ports with Power IQ each can provide 5v@2.4A b
(1) USB-C with Power IQ 3.0 thalt allows for a max input and output voltage of 60W

(3) power switches to control each section of the battery pack. Meaning you only have to have to have 1 section turned on at a time. Warning: Make sure to turn each switch off as they each draw a minimum amout of power when left on and can drain your battery.

Testing: I tested this powerhouse with my phone, laptop, flashlight, Light ring, tablet, my Cpap machine and my 3D printer. I used the standard USB-A port to first test my phone and see how long it took to charge, using my Samsung Galaxy S20FE it took roughly 1 hour and 19 minutes from 5% battery life. When I used the USB-C port it took 1 hour and 14 minutes to charge my phone fully from 5%, it seems that my phone did not fully use the USB C port to its full potential and it could be because of the variable power requirement of these new phones and power IQ 3.0 just cant handle that.
When I tested my laptop its power draw was only around 70w and charged in roughly 2.5 hours and thats with me using it plugged into the powerhouse, although I was only streaming netflix and not gaming or doing anything power hungry.
My biggest surprise came as I tested the light ring I had for my lightbox, it drew roughly 40w of power even though its suppose to be low powered lights and are only suppose to draw between 5 and 10w. I then plugged it into a standard outlet and noticed the lights were dimmer and not as bright as when plugged into the powerhouse. This is when i realized the powerhouse was overpowering the lights and its regulator was failing when plugged into the powerhouse. So I stopped using the lights and chalked it up to them failing. My other test came when using my 3D printer which drew around 230w of power and ran consistently until the powerhouse died, I am thankful my printer has auto resume as I was able to plug it into a wall outlet and continue printing my parts. I didnt get any pictures of this or its run time because I had left it to run while I was at work and came home and plugged it in. My cpap machine lasted only 3 hours when plugged into the powerhouse which is longer than I had expected it to, but its also because I didn’t run the dehumidifier on it which draws significantly more power.
Out of all the items I tested and yes I even tried to bog it down by running max power to all ports, nothing came as a shock to me and this machine handled it all. To say its a beast is an understatement because it handled everything I had thrown at it within its power limits. The machine even shined when I had it outdoors and the temps dropped overnight to 26 degrees, it held up and ran through the night powering my devices…now I do not recommend camping under the stars without a tent and just having the powerhouse sitting on the grass, power and moisture do not mix. and while the powerhouse made it through the night I wouldn’t want to try that test again for fear of ruining it. In the grand scheme of things this bad boy outshined itself and left me wishing I had it sooner as all the power outages we get a year it would have come in handy sooner.

For those who are looking for a large portable powerbank and an all in one unit I would not hesitate to pick this up. 10 out of 10 I would recommend this.

The Front of the powerhouse showing the display, inputs, and the buttons for each section of power

The second picture shows the side of the powerhouse that has a Hi/Low/Strobe light. Check out the cool Blue look through the side vents

Here is the backside of the powerhouse, it showcases the warm led strip light that has 3 levels to it.
This side just houses the side vents where you again see the cool blue look through them.

Here is the powerhouse in the lightbox without any lights on

Here is the warm led light on Hi

Here is the warm led on Low

Here Is the led spot light turned on

The LED spotlight is on low

The LED spotlight on Hi

Powerhouse button pressed to see power level remaining

Powerhouse showing power draw with nothing plugged in

Here you can see that the powerhouse is powering a small device that plugs into the AC outlet

Here the powerhouse shows it runs with multiple devices installed.

Here it shows the Anker UV light charging

And here is the Powerhouse with my 3D printed octopus, Baby Yoda and the Mandelorean

Edit: Hey guys I wanna apologize my original video somehow got screwed up while rendering and when it got done it was all static and vocals could barely be heard. So I hope you accept this poorly done video that I threw together really quick, just to have a video to post as I promised one today.

@ankerofficial I’m sorry if I let yall down with my review…


Well written review @Tank. Great pictures showcasing the powerhouse :+1:

Brilliant review @Tank with great photos.
Didn’t realise these big PowerHouse units had lights built in.

Perfect, as usual Rob.
Enjoy the weekend.
Was new to me these devices could be used as torches.

Thanks for show casing the lights. I was wondering how well they worked since it would come in handy for me.
Great review makes me want one even more.

Thanks for the detailed review.

This product would make so much heat when fully loaded it would naturally resist moist environments, as damp encroaching it would evaporate. But if it were then powered off that evaporation would then condense.


Awesome review and great photos :ok_hand:

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Great review @Tank! Those are some nice photos especially ones showing the light in action. Btw I don’t think I understood this completely but is it the Powerhouse’s fault that it was sending out more power to the ring light than needed? Or is it something that the light ring should control?

Where did you buy the baby yoda from?

Great review

@Mike246810 I made them with my 3d printer
@Shivam_Shah my lifht ring should have regulated the voltage, either way I replaced it with a new one and the new one works properly so I think the light controller just failed


What kind of 3D printer do you use and can you power it with the powerhouse?

Poor review, no testing - descriptive writing , lot of pictures.

And yet

Did you mean to reply to a different review?


I don’t think any of us here are professional reviewers @thitraceba And those that are lucky enough to be chosen do our best in within our own abilities.
Personally I value a real world real person review like this rather than a glitzy often paid for result.

While everyone has a right to their opinion and we never discourage people from sharing it, I’d like to share my opinion and say "you’re wrong"

What plans do you have for the weekend?
Feel free to join in and let us know here;


I think they are just mad they didn’t get it.



Nice review @Tank

Now that my wife and I are doing a lot more camping and soon to be doing some off grid camping in the future, one of these might helpful and keep us from pulling out the generator at night just to charge our phones, camera gear, rechargeable lighting gear, and computer (so I can work when needed). Its good to know that I can’t get a full night’s sleep with the cpap. I just started using one and trying to figure out the best way to power it while camping.

Thorough review as usual @tank , looking forward to the upcoming video review to see it in action :ok_hand:

Professor Reponse was this review. There is another review by other user which is great than one, no comparison. This review here is by a large level user so dissappointed. Putting photos and descriptive words does not make a review. This is review done for the sake of doing, has no heart or soul, like some kid say a story.Some members done better for a wireless powerbank or a charger. Paul I read you review for power bank, you did good. Read and compare this. I am good person and new here so getting used. I pulled into here from Facebook. dont know anyone so give a neutral open point.

This good community