Liberty Air 2 problems with paring L/R


i bought your product - Liberty Air 2 last year 12 Sep 2020. Since one week ago i have a problems with either left or right earbuds. I tried to reset them as per the instructions provided here : Soundcore liberty air left not working and

At first my problems with right one were resolved but after one day the left one stopped pairing and giving sound. I am running the on iphone 11, with all updates to sc app and earbuds.

I am unable to resolve it further, could you please provide me with support. THX B

Did you read this?

If you went through the 1st step you’d not be here, the 2nd step would have got you this from yesterday

Seems like you did your best to troubleshoot it. Send them an email

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@BartN do you get the same behaviour on more than one device?

Same issues here. I have spent hours on problems connecting to phone (iPhone XR). I’m about to give up. I’m using my old headphones again, sigh.