Eufycam - notification issue

Have installed the homebase and 2 camera’s succesfully.
They are recording video when motion is detected but I’m not receiving any notification on my phone but this has been enabled and my phone settings are also correct.
Any idea?

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Same issue by me I open a support ticket they tell me the following:

> „You are basically right. If there is movement, an alarm is triggered and you should receive a message, depending on the settings. The push messages can also be turned off in the settings. The respective profile, Home/Absent, must also be active.
> We will now review some scenarios and will offer you solutions again shortly. We would therefore ask you to be patient once again. I will then be happy to come back to you.“

I can not explain it but it’s not really reliable sometimes I get a notification sometimes not sometimes very delayed.

What I figure out may the distance have a impact to notification but I can not say for sure

Also you can see here I had the same question a few days ago

Hi @Kim34 !

Thank you for letting us know your concern!

In this case, please try the following setup steps to see if it helps:

  1. Please make sure you have enabled notifications in your phone’s settings. You can go to your phone’s settings > Notifications > Enable EufySecurity notifications.
  2. Please make sure you have added EufySecurity to the app whitelist in your phone’s settings for some brand’s Android phone (Samsung ect.).
  3. Please make sure you have enabled motion detection in your camera’s setting. You can go to check from the menu Camera Settings> Motion Detection.
  4. Please make sure you have enabled push notification in the Security mode you have selected. You can go to Security/Mode (located in the right corner of the app) > Home/Away > Select Camera/Sensor Name > Push Notification.

If the issue still persists, please contact us

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Dear Support,

So basically you just send a copy of the installation guide which I off course have read and one accordingly.
Have just re-installed everything from scratch and still no notification when motion is detected.

Everything else works fine - recording / led / alarm but receive no notification on my phone ( iphone ) . Regardless all settings for notification are enabled on both phone as Eufycam.

Please check?

Thank you for getting back @Kim34!

So sorry to hear the issue still persists when all the setting has been done.

In this case, could you please reach out Please also let us know the exact model of your device and the operating systems.

Thanks again for all your patience and support. Looking forward to your reply.

Ok… I’m not the only one.
Recordings are taking place geofencing schedule all that is set push notifications everything is in order! And recordings are taking place! I am receiving absolutely no notifications!! Has anyone found a fix for this seems it started with the latest eufy app update.

Same issue here too. I’ve installed 3 cameras, all set with notifications - all recording events but no notifications given. I’m also having great difficulty connecting the cameras to Alexa, she cannot find the devices at all.

Completely uninstalling the app and reinstalling from scratch resolved this issue for me. I actually did this yesterday with no effect, so it might be worth trying again if you have already done it.

Removing and reinstalling the App has solved my notifications problem.
I did have to switch one of my two cameras off and back on via the App before it also worked again.

After re-installing all it helped out for me 2

Unfortunately uninstall and reinstalling from scratch did not solve the problem for me.

I have also made sure all notification settings are turned on.

Any other suggestions?

PS. I am using an iphone.

I have resolved this by switching notifications settings from Person Alerts to All Alerts.

I am having an issue with alerts being late- particularly geofencing. With my old Samsung S6 I instantly received a notification when I left ‘the zone’. Now it takes 10-30 minutes or, if I open the app to check the settings, as soon as I open the app. This is since buying an A10 with Android 9.