Eufycam 2 vs 2C

What is the difference between eufycam 2 and 2c.

Only I can find is:
2C has night LED and 180 days battery
2 has no LED and 360 days battery

Hi @Ole_Stanstrup have a look under this thread here

@TechnicallyWell has been compiling a comparison chart on EufyCam differences.


That would be a great help. Thanks @TechnicallyWell

@Shenoy was doing a comparison of eufy robovac models. Too many models to confuse users.

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I don’t see any charts comparing eufycam 2 and 2c

Ask and ye shall receive! To keep my site mobile-friendly, placing more than 3 models side-by-side would require horizontal scrolling (boo), so I’ve created a separate page to compare the eufyCam 2 to the E and 2C.

eufyCam 1 vs 2

eufyCam 1 vs eufyCam E vs eufyCam 2C

NEW: eufyCam 2 vs eufyCam E vs eufyCam 2C


Bless you. Was getting frustrated with the lack of info - needs better branding, Anker.

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Glad it helps!

Great comparison @TechnicallyWell :+1: I didn’t know eufyCam 2 homebase doesn’t have battery backup :thinking:

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Thanks for the comparison list.Can you double check the use of homekit secure with the 2C? The apple homekit accessory webpage has the 2C listed as “announced”.

Good find! It looks like the eufy team posted instructions just a few days ago and they do include the 2C:

However, the instructions only mention viewing the cameras via HomeKit, not Secure Video storage.

@AnkerTechnical, could you confirm if HomeKit (viewing) or HomeKit Secure Video (storage) is coming to the eufy 2C?

New to the forum but I had a questions about the compatibility between eufycam 2 and eufycam 2C. Can they work together off the same homebase? Thanks in advance, @AnkerTechnical

Just purchased the 2c 2 camera kit. They have not shipped yet. Is this the latest one out.