Coming Soon: PowerPort III Nano 20W

Anker is upgrading one of their small but mighty wall chargers… Take a look at PowerPort III Nano 20W!

Rather than a maximum output of 9V/2A, this new model is capable of up to 9V/2.22A. Rumors suggest that Apple plans to release a new 20W charger alongside the upcoming iPhone 12 series, but Anker may just beat them to the punch.

Are you interested in Anker’s PowerPort III Nano 20W? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


Thanks for the update @Insider :clap:

Not really looking forward to PowerPort III Nano 20W, already have the 18W Nano… and does well

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Not really sure what the point is in going to 20w when 18 already exists @Insider
I guess this is a step closer to 30w in this small form factor. That would get me a little more excited.

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Faster is faster!


It sure is @Insider but just feel it’s too smaller step to justify another product.
Even if Apple does release a phone which takes 20w, would you update your 18w charger to gain an 11% extra wattage, stick with your existing 18w (or higher in many cases) or use the Apple charger?
But progress is progress I guess, we don’t get anywhere if we don’t move forward.

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It is a progress but very small… But there are other things Anker could focus such as Compact 100W charger, foldable pins… and more…

Also with Apple planning 20W charger (there goes the dream of portless iphone)… and at least 1 other competitor having a 20W charger in similar , it is more about being in the market with similar model than progress, also gets more business indirectly with Apple publicizing about the new charger :slight_smile:


I like it but right now I’m still happy with my 18w charger


Your exactly right about getting more business indirectly. The quality you get from Anker that has 99% chance of being cheaper than Apple’s charger. People will flock over to get a comparable spec wise product.

In due time I can see the portless iPhone. Took awhile to get rid of the headphone jack. Then with more wireless charging power banks & wireless charging being added into more vehicles, I can see the market flip flopping.

If they can make a modest speed bump then faster is faster and why not, it helps.

But it looks from the images to be not folding pins? If true then that is the bizarre dumbest implementation as these smaller chargers are effectively double in size just for that.

Is this how the conversation went?

Engineer: here’s my new 20W Nano charger, it’s perfect! You like?
Boss: No.
Engineer: Huh? It’s perfect.
Boss: You’re not making us as much money. Listen change those pins to non-folding. Then the people who buy it, then you later make it folding pins and the buyers then buy again, so we sell twice.
Engineer: If you insist. But the Professor will not like, he’ll notice.
Boss: we have been ignoring him for years. Make the change.
Engineer: will do.

Could be worse, at least it’s a modest USBC speed bump. It isn’t:


I mean, the 18W Nano doesn’t have folding prongs either, so…

Haha, love it @professor

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If the Mini and other smaller chargers can have folding pins, then why not Nano, Nano 20W?

It’s obviously not a width or height issue as in the Mini, obviously not a depth issue as in the Slim



There are a few logical choices:
a) USA specific folding pin products, especially on the smallest chargers (12W - 30W)
b) slide-off international pin products, especially on the largest chargers (60W - 100W)
c) all non-USA chargers to be minimum of 2 sockets, and a family of options ( 2C , 1C 1A)


I get a feeling you think this should have had folding pins @professor :thinking:



The 20W designation is for the upcoming iPhone 12 which will use 20W USB-C chargers.

I like the timing of the launch… so release this week? who is watching Apple Event @ 10am


Thanks for sharing @Insider :+1:

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Thank @Insider.

I am glad you know what you know but not sure all that you know but you know you knowing help us know what you know, you know. :rofl:

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@Duane_Lester I think you missed one “know” here :joy:


No, I do not know.