Beware of other companies selling Anker/Soundcore etc. products

So I had a bad experience recently with a company that sold a Soundcore product on Amazon and I’m now stuck with a faulty pair of Liberty 2 Pros. I’m not going to call out the other company by name because that doesn’t really matter, what matters is Anker/Soundcore will basically bend over backwards to help a customer with whatever their problem may be. But any other company who is selling their products are not required to stick to their quality of customer service, in the end giving Anker a bad name sometimes because a new customer had an issue and couldn’t get it resolved and since it was made by Anker, they think Anker should be responsible for correcting the problem. Not the case, the company who sells the product is the one who sets the rules on returns/exchange/help in general. So buyers beware. Don’t do what I did.


Sorry about your experience. But I’ve learned it’s better to pay the regular price and have the company’s customer support than to try to save a few dollars and be stuck with no warranty and be SOL


You can always contact Amazon if they are not doing what is needed.
This is always a risk for a third party seller. I will say Walmart app is worse. I did a post showing that Walmart sellers were jacking the price up. So buyers beware.


Technically it was purchased for me as a present. Yes @ikari04warrior I always check to make sure Anker or whatever company it’s supposed to be, are the ones selling the product. I appreciate it tho. And @Duane_Lester I will try to contact Amazon…I know it’s gonna be a pain but I guess I have to. Lol

This is a good reminder to everyone (thank you @SlyBandit247).

Check who is actually selling the product before you buy. Anker actually goes by several names:

The seller is typically displayed under the “Buy Now” button.


If you are having an issue with a third-party seller, be sure to contact Amazon in regards to their A-to-z guarantee.


good luck man

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And you know what’s really messed up about it, #Anker should care about this, the company still sells it with Anker/Soundcore warranty information inside. So it’s like really misleading. And since it was a gift I went by the stuff inside, can’t access the amazon account of the one who gave me the gift to see it wasn’t from Anker originally. So I go through Soundcore support only to be turned down because they technically didn’t sell it. Anker should 100% do something about that company specifically and others in general giving them a bad name.


Sucks you have to go through this. I will say, it sounds like Anker needs to adapt the same policy as SkullCandy. I bought a pair of skullcanndy headphones a few years ago from a private seller on ebay, and not long after they broke and skullcandy said as long as they have their name on it, is their product, (which they verified when I sent them in) they would warranty replace it.

Aker can totally validate it’s their product, so I’m not sure why they wouldn’t stand behind it??? Hmm

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That’s so true.
First-party support is amazing, whereas third-party doesn’t help at all. That at least has been my experience.


What makes it worse is they sell it with Anker’s warrenty info too.

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Who is the third-party seller? And you have contacted our official support team to enquiry, right?

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If the 3rd party seller are not going to honor the warranty, they shouldn’t include those papers lol

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I contacted Soundcore’s support team and they were willing to exchange up until they saw it was from another seller. STL Pro Inc.

yeah, we need to confirm if this is a third party seller we work with.

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According to the emails sent from support it is not a company you work with. And if I am wrong and it is a company you work with I recommend going one of three ways, either continue working with them but make sure they honor your warranty since they sell it with it in there or tell them to take those papers out and put in their own or, my recommendation, stop working with them since they did not even lift a finger to try to help me. Literally, every email they sent back was computer generated crap. But thanks for caring @AnkerOfficial!

wow, just wow!

are you still within the return period for amazon? have the person who send it to you create a return or if your lucky they send it as gift and you can try to return it yourself

I want an exchange because I got it while it was on sale so a return/refund would just lose me the earbuds and give me back not enough money to purchase them again. And yes, when I originally contacted the seller I was within their time frame for returns but when I asked for an exchange they just kept sending me automated BS emails about checking their return policy on amazon, which says nothing specific about exchanges. So I gave up. The earbuds sound great and still work well so wtf really. Unless Anker steps in, and why would they, I’m better off forgetting about the app altogether.

Holy shit, how did I just notice this…they sold me Liberty 2s but advertised and charged me for Liberty 2 Pros. Sorry @AnkerOfficial but now I’m pissed and this company will not help, is there anything you can do for me? This is ridiculous. Proof you say? Where is it? Well…

As you can see the amazon listing is clearly for the Pros and the box says Liberty 2 AND I decided just for the hell of it to try to connect to the app again and when I choose Liberty 2 and not the Pro version, it connects instantly. So wtf.

hate to say this but you really need to deal with amazon now if they send you the wrong product. maybe try calling amazon and letting them know the company send you the wrong item and refuse to resend the right item?

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