Anker PowerPort Atom PD 4 100W Charging station deal for $79.99

USB-C Charger, Anker 100W 4-Port Type-C Charging Station with Power Delivery, PowerPort Atom PD 4 [Intelligent Power Allocation] for MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro, Pixel, iPhone Xs/Max/XR, Galaxy and more

Deal for $79.99 after clipping $20 Amazon coupon

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Thank you for sharing! :laughing::+1:

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Nope, this has been on sale for $69.99 multiple times.


Correct. e.g.

But even at $70 it is still too expensive. There is no inherent reason why 100W cannot be just a few $ more than 60W. If you can sell 60W at $25W you can do 100W for $30.


I agree, and this is the next must have to all users and if the price goes down any bit, you will see the sales go high…


The 100W cable, and all the hubs, speaks to me something is coming. Begin at $4 and try to get to anything remotely as high as $70.

Just remember the costs…




A lot of supply chains were broken late January until mid April, typical from factory to shop is 6 weeks. Soon, very soon. This is not inside information, public knowledge but only those into electronics track it.

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Thank you @insider @professor noted! edited the post title

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I was fortunate to win this PowerPort Atom PD 4 100W charger in one of the events :slight_smile:

but price coming down to $30… would be more of a dream come true!

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I did not say the PD 4 would come down to $30, I said 100W PD is viable at $30 - Single port. A dual port 85W PD C + 15W A total 100W $40 is viable.

It’s a skin on these:

Watch the video and see CEO of Anker say pretty much what I’m saying.

Also he hints at non-chargers, you have to guess what he means, my guess is hubs and portable chargers.

Anker prides itself on reliability and customer service, but this chip maker also sells to Ravpower so as a further hint, look at their newest GaN and add 1-2 months for more quality testing. So I get to June-ish.

Typically we’d get it announced by @Insider , see a very high price, then a 18%, then 28% then the rare 40% discount. At the 40% discount is where I see $30 100W single port so launch price $65-$70 which is Ravpower’s launch price.


Nice discount :ok_hand:

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The 100W charger mentioned at 13m40s

They said they’d try to focus on PD next week.

It was asked in the chat, which doesn’t seem saved, when the Power Integration 100W which is shipped to Ravpower and Anker, and is for sale from Ravpower will be available also from Anker, it was replied in the chat it would be hopefully next year, which if true would mean Anker customers have to buy Ravpower chargers to use with their Anker cables. Utterly dumb if true.

At 21m20s they say next week topic.


At 24m40s the 85W charger release date asked and no date given. Which I find bizarre. Suppose I’m wanting an 85W charger, and say Anker is releasing soon but by not telling me I’m forced to buy from Ravpower.

Here is a built 100W PD reference design. Not remotely claiming it is what will be from Anker but hints at a possible size.

image ![image|578x135]image (upload://bQlQzfP2gagvJgdI1T8z0kIuHHI.png) image image

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One can only hope


That would be lovely :two_hearts: :heartpulse:


If Anker sells a 100W brick for $30 I’d buy it right now say less. Shoot I might even buy two just to flex :sunglasses:

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There’s almost no market for 100W today.

I see 85W first, to use with hubs which pass-thru 65W to laptop.

100W in a dual socket so you can recharge the 60W Powercore + laptop concurrently is a market which exists now, but not a 100W single port today.

I studied the electronics, you’d have to make a 45W+45W dual so its making the same 15V voltage out both ports, or one 100W 20V port.

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Sadly :cry: you’re right the market is basically nonexistent . I really want to get one for the upcoming 8 in 1 hub but it is what is :pensive:

No brainer products technically viable today and a market today:

  • a 85W single port. Some laptops need it now, and the hub to pass-thru 65W.
  • dual 15A IQ2 + 65W C IQ3. You’d pair the IQ2 with a cable to phone or to wireless pad, the 65W to hub, laptop natively or DC cable. Single charger solution laptop+phone.
  • 60W Powercore.
  • 30W 20Ah 10W wireless portable charger.

Next year 100W.

The issue is Anker just seems, for reasons we never figured why, takes logical no-brainer and parks it in a draw for 6 months+ before we see it.

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Would this need 100W or 85W to get the 85W passthrough? A lot of other hubs I’ve seen need more power to operate the other ports while charging so I’m not sure.

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100W, you’re right.

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There’s no avoiding It I’m going to have to get the PowerPort Atom PD 4 even though I have no need for all the extra ports. It is what it is :man_shrugging: :pensive:

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