Anker Auction House | PowerPort Atom PD 1

You could save more bucks for the next round!:crazy_face::relaxed:

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We will consider to create the powerbucks credit card in the future.:joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy: You need to be more active here!!! So you will get more bucks reward!

Some popular products will also be picked on the powerdraw program. You can test your luck there!

Or better you might create the possibility to loan or to donate pb between members.

BUT with high interest rates of course! :rofl:

Pb will be of course much better than those
bitcoins or Zuckerzwerg’s (sic) Libra.

@TechMan @Oggyboy @ndalby

I agree that people who join the bid should open their profile for public, it will make it clear to everyone that your bid is valid and will ensure that the auction is working properly.

However, I do agree that people can participate in the auction at any price within their bucks budget. If you think the price is too high, you have the right to withdraw from the competition, but if you continue to bid, you have to accept this situation, it is fair to everyone.

Although the price is very high, at least you have won our prizes without actually spending real money!! So congratulations @Oggyboy! I think this is worth it!!

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I would not do this.
A bid is a bid.
And if this is a fraudent bid we will install a public pillory! :rofl:


Thank you @AnkerOfficial
I am happy to have won this :smiley:

Maybe the system can be updated to allow the view of powerbucks at all times but this is not really the main issue is it.

The issue is bidding for fun to cost others more bucks.


Congrats @Oggyboy :clap:t2:

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Cheers buddy :blush:

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Thats why they are called “PowerBucks” hard to earn , needs lot of Power than the real Bucks :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :blush:


True my friend :joy:

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Had my prize delivered today :slight_smile:

Thank you @AnkerOfficial :+1:t2: