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Initially you didn’t need it, then you decided to have some fun, then you bid over 1400 even though you didn’t want to go much over 900. You purposefully inflated it to get @Shenoy near his limit and then put a post with a devil emoji.

Nobody needs to explain anything.


Even if my intent was inflating- it’s completely fair. It’s common practice to inflate prices, to drain people’s money for other Auctions (yes in the real world).

In all previous auctions we have seen other people raising the bid for no apparent reason- yet no one has asked for a discount.


Like I said, if the price was unjustly inflated…with hidden profiles now, only the admins will know if the end values are justified values, in light of rule 3…not Joe public who did bid…


Don’t go blaming without proof. Of all people I would expect you not to :roll_eyes:


He didn’t blame you for anything. He said “if”

I am blaming you though. As I’ve said previously.
You posted let’s have some fun. You didn’t want this you just wanted to be involved. Like in EVERY post on here.


You taunt me to inflate all the future auctions…


You @TechMan are the “Dave” of the TV show Storage Wars! YEPPPPPP!


Not blaming…stating simple facts, people have/did and will bid in future auctions without being able to see if the bids they are making are just…if a previous bidders bucks tally is hidden…hence @AnkerOfficial should in fairness check the bids made and if there was unjust bidding (by someone with not enough bucks to bid) the end value should be changed to reflect the over bidding…


Sounds fair to me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Any how I WON whoooohooooo

Just need @AnkerOfficial to organise sending me the cable too.


how you guys have so much? :smiley: I Only have 64


I’ve been active on the community daily for several months, and don’t spend them on the power draw much :wink:


Congrats @Oggyboy!

I was out of pocket last night or I probably would have gone higher. Well done, hope you get a nice cable too :wink:


It was one i won weeks ago. :slight_smile:


Congrats @Oggyboy in a well deserved win :+1:


Congratulations @Oggyboy !


Congrats @Oggyboy :slight_smile:


Only just seen this.

Well done boyo


Wow that went high. Lol


Damn would’ve wanted this. Not that I have that much PB