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Good for you. An idiot with copy/paste just blasted for a minute. They got bored and left. Then cool.

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Lol I just got in when someone named Sarah said not to report her. I was so confused, I wanted to scroll up in comments but having the livestream and loading everything just wasn’t working very well with my internet so decided against it :joy:

The platform needs the ability for the host to instantly block a user. Currently it is simply a “report abuse” right-click which does nothing.

The platform is tied to the user’s USA Amazon account.

The recording doesn’t keep chat, only video, so the idiot’s attention is now gone. :+1:


Thank you for posting the updates @professor

(Answers too would have been awesome if posted… Now planning to watch recording later tonight or tomorrow… Dont think i am lazy :grimacing::joy:)


This was my first time watching one of their streams and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I think @professor would be a great guest for an upcoming episode.


Answers via watching it.

In older times :
"Friday is payday"
(I remember wives waiting at the factory gate to catch their husbands.
Otherwise salary went to the pubs!)

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I remember the pay being in sealed envelopes, the women opened them, handed what was allowed to be spent back the man. Savings in jars. No debts.

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@professor it wasn’t just ankers stream. The spammer went to El JEFE REVIEWS stream, and then GregsGadegts stream.

Anyone know who won that cable?

Did you ever attend the prior live Periscope events via Lawrence? The chat was the problem then. Moderators required to boot the naughtiness. Periscope saved the chat. Amazon doesn’t. The worst Periscope example was deleted but a hint is retained here.

Last night I only spotted one jerk so we either ignore them (easier) or Amazon needs a boot user out capability added to the platform.

yes, that was the plan :grin:

I hope the cable is USB-C… No longer need Lightning cables… :sunglasses: thought everybody whose questions were answered would get one?


I wonder what kind too. I’m hoping it would be a usb c cable of some kind since that’s the future. Would be so disappointed if it was a micro usb :joy:

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It’s the gold anniversary cable so USB-C to Lightning. Only one person I Believe…


Ooo usb c to lightning would be nice!

I missed out again. I’m usually busy Fridays in the evening. I’ll try and make time for the next one.

If that is the cable… I am ready to charge my iPhone 11 Pro only with that cable :joy::joy::joy:

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Wow I’m confused now. I don’t think they specified which one in the previous thread and they just said “And if you’re lucky enough to have your question answered on the livestream, you’ll also be able to get your hands on one of the free PowerLine cables” so I’m assuming everyone whose questions are answered will get one

Exactly…not sure if these are separate contests or same… Either ways I wouldn’t mind a gold Anker cable :rofl:


How do you know that it’s the gold usb c to lightning cable?