Zolo liberty volume fix!



Wow that's interesting. I wonder what that is?


Hi @elmo41683

Thanks for the tip, cleaned up all the gunk and my earphones sound like new.

But do you have any idea on what type of glue they use for sticking them together ? would be great if i can put my clean ear-piece together.



Probably wouldn’t want to use the same type of glue. A tiny amount of Gorilla super glue applied with a toothpick worked for me.


You can use super glue, put a dab onto a piece of paper and use a toothpick to put a dab or two onto the mesh so it stays in place


Thanks for sharing! Awesome that people take the time to do this!


You see “You never stand alone” here. :grin:
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Hi guys,
I’ve managed to get my Zolo Liberty working!!
Take out the tiny shield on the earpiece👂🏻And hey-ho!!
They both work great!!


Can’t wait to try this, as I’ve started to experience the same issue in the right bud.


A photo would be helpful for all others.
Could you please!:grin:


Just look at the pictures posted above :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Please, please forgive me!
I haven’t seen those, because I have a small laptop screen only.

I will never make such a horrible mistake again.:sob: :sob::sob:


I did this to fix a sound issue and while it worked I ended up having the mesh (and the little paper/felt piece under it) come out somewhere, and it is highly unlikely I’ll see it again.

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what could replace it? Or where to get a replacement, even if I have to cut it to size.


I had took mine out and used it without the mesh. didn’t bother me and they still work so you should be fine. just make sure to keep them clean


yeah it works fine, I’m just concerned about sweat as I use them to mow and exercise. I’m not sure if that paper under the mesh even was to help prevent moisture getting through, but if it was I just want to be sure I’m not risking them.

I mean, obviously if the seal is tight sweat shouldn’t be getting into the canal anyway so maybe it isn’t a huge deal; I’d still like to replace it with something if possible. Maybe I’ll run by a craft store later and see if they have any sort of mesh I could just cut to fit. That sheet under seemed like it was just felt paper or something to let sound through and keep out stuff.


i sweat a ton, and still haven’t had any issues with mine.


you’re looking for “Woven Wire Mesh” to get a small piece eBay is probably your best bet. Whatever size diameter holes you choose I would go with stainless steel.


Thanks, I was having trouble figuring out the name of what I’d be looking for, and woven wire mesh was it!

Any chance you know what particle size would be best? Or what particle size these had to begin with?

I’m not seeing anything pop up at local craft stores, or I’d just bring my headphones in and compare visually.


I’m not sure what they came with originally.
I would go for the 200 mesh count “super fine”


you’re awesome man. thanks alot.


That my freind is a graphine coat! Like if helped:)