Zolo is not working at all lights keep flashing that's it

Zolo is not working. Yellow light on top keeps going on and off. If I say “Hey Google or OK Google” nothing happens. I’ve unplugged and plugged and same thing. I can push the mute and it will tell me “The mic is muted” but that’s it. I have tried to reinstall it but nothing works. I keep getting codes to type in but I don’t have anywhere to type it in. I am really hating this thing! When it was working I’d have to say “Hey Google” consistently until it finally answered. Then when I’m listening to music and say “Hey Google NEXT or STOP PLAYING” it doesn’t do anything. I set alarms “Hey Google set alarm for 4:00 pm” and the alarm never goes off. I ask "Hey Google did I have any alarms set? and it says NO! I’ve had it with this thing and I can’t get anyone to help me fix this…I’ll fix it when I throw it in the lake for the alligators to get aggravation from this!

The lights can all blink in distinct patterns to indicate the product status or potential error conditions.