Zolo Halo £32.99 Amazon UK Lightning Deal

Just started on Prime £32.99!

Sorry, did this quickly on my phone this morning, thought I’d better add the link to it…



Not a bad price really, has anyone had any experience with these and can confirm what the sound quality is like?

Not got one myself, although gotta be better than the Echo Dot and for less money.

Reviews can be found Here,
And Here


Thanks Rob. Couple of good reviews.

I haven’t bought one myself as I’m fully kitted out with the Amazon stuff all through the house, but seems a decent price for a pretty good speaker.

I’ve read there are a few limitations with 3rd party “Alexa” speakers, mostly stuff that Amazon has blocked in the API. Things like mixing with other Echo speakers in a group is the one I remember. That may not be the case anymore though. Happy for someone to put me right on that.

Wish it was that price on Friday (pay day) I’d have it.

For me it’s next Tuesday :unamused: I’m too late now anyway :pensive:

55 quid now :open_mouth: