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Hi, Anker fans!

Being an active member of this community usually means (in addition to being incredibly smart and good-looking) that you own a variety of Anker products.

But, what if you were stuck on a desert island, and could only take one Anker product with you? Or, what if a genie came to you offering a wish, but you had to get rid of all of your Anker products except for one? You get the idea: we’re asking you to choose your absolute favorite Anker product that you own.

The product that’s mentioned the most in the comments will be declared the winner—the last one not voted off the island. The people who supported the final winning product in their comments will get a prize: 100 PowerBucks!


  1. Each participant is limited to submitting one product name. Once a name is submitted, it is final.

  2. Participant’s comments may not be edited. If a comment is edited, the participant will forfeit the chance to win.

  3. The event is open to all community members.

  4. The event will runs from July 26th to July 30th.

  5. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

The contest has ended, I saw the solar charger has been nominated by the majority of people.
So users who mentioned solar charger in their comment could win 100 Powerbucks!

Let us congrats to:

@ndalby, @fhassm, @tiagomota, @joshuad11, @ktkundy, @Dez_S, @IRNinjaz1, @Ben_Reilly, @Oggyboy, @wladimir1995, @gunslingr21, @Duane_Lester, @moracho

Your winning Powerbucks will be added to your account within 3 working days. Cheers!:beers:


I would choose the Powercore II 20000 that I had. It had power IQ 2.0, voltage boost and capable of outputting 18w and 12 w simultaneously.

PowerCore 26800

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Going the desert island route it would be the Anker PowerPort Solar 21W for me…that way there is a possibility to sustain a charge on any electronic goodies that might wash up :grin:

There would be a recent SoundCore speaker though that would pit the solar panel to the post otherwise :wink:


I would choose a ZOLO ZERO though it is not available at the moment.

Good music is very important to me.
My next vacations will start soon.
(Not a real desert island, but a very tiny and quite unknown one :wink: )

So I will take with me my new FLARE and my old tablet.

Regarding the “desert island” (Robinson Crusoe) there is a need of a solar charger.:grin:
Exactly ndalby :smiley:

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I vote for the SoundCore Sport XL.
It has the best of both worlds:

  • it’s a great sounding speaker
  • it can work as a power bank, too!
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That’s a hard call… Two different situations, the island and the genie.

If I were to choose just one, it would probably be the Anker PowerPort Solar 21W. Since it can generate energy on its own using the sun, I would be able to charge all my other non-Anker gadgets - after all, the genie didn’t mentioned anything about non-Anker products, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


PowerCore II Slim 10000

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If I were stuck on a deserted island, the only logical and practical Anker product I would take with me would be the LC130 Flashlight (1300 Lumens). At night, I would shine it up at any airplane or helicopters that may be flying with the search party looking for me. This would be the most practical way to get someone above in the sky to notice me. I would also use is it as a baton in case I need a weapon to fight off wild animals or a tool to crack open a coconut. Power banks and speakers indicate you want to be stuck on the island; I want to get off! lol

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Definitely SoundCore Sport XL because of the dual features and its ability to work with water. I really like the product!

My ultimate product is the powercore II 20000. That would help me to stay energized till I ran out of water. Normally you can only survive 48 hours in deserts. That should help to entertain me before I disappear in the sand.

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PowerCore ll 10000

LC130 Flashlight. Helps as emergency signal, a club to ward off wild beasts and useful for going potty in the dark :smiley:

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surprise no one mention the Powerhouse 120000 that would be my choice :smiley:

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SoundCore Sport XL

Hmmm, that’s kind of a hard one. Going the same “logical and practical” route as @andrewtiangco, I would have to say the LC130. It can be used as a self defense tool due to its brightness and durability. Besides that, I’m not a fan of total darkness. :stuck_out_tongue:

Without a doubt, Anker’s PowerPort Solar 21W. Even though I have used it only a handful of times, in emergency situations, such as prolonged power outages or even being stuck on a desert island, :wink: it is the only product that won’t require another power source - other than the sun!

It’s really unfortunate that Anker is no longer selling these, though… :cry:


Power Port solar 21w all the way. That way Id have power for days. Don’t have to worry about the only sorce of power I have running out unless suddenly the sun explodes :joy::joy:


They are in the UK :grin: …we’re probably trying to buy up their remaining stock…