Wrong nutrition info in eufylife app

Hello, I have the p2 pro scale and started using the eufylife app to record my food consumed. I am attaching my food consumed and the nutrition analysis and seems there is a mistake in the data.

You will see I have recorded today the following:

190g whole milk

20g peanut butter

60g oatmeal

300g chicken breast

23g dates

96g low fat milk

My nutrition analysis shows 61g (grams) cholesterol. If I removed the chicken breast it shows 20g. So it is saying 41g of cholesterol for 300g chicken breast. That is not accurate. 115g chicken breast contains approx 65 mg (milligram, not grams) of cholesterol.

Additionally the remaining foods then have 20 grams of cholesterol but that is also not accurate. Of the foods I have added only Milk should have cholesterol approx 24 mg per approx 250g.

So this measurement seems very very inaccurate.

. I am attaching screenshots in case.

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First off, welcome to the forum—I’m pretty new here too! Now, about the nutrition hiccup, I totally get your concern. The app’s cholesterol count does seem off, especially for the chicken breast. It’s like, “Hold up, that can’t be right!” I’ve had my fair share of app struggles, but I find that double-checking with info from trusted sources on natural food usually helps.

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