With A1325 model sound core 2 speakers I can't seem to pair them together?

High community! I got an updated bottle of anger 2
sound core speakers with model number A1325 and for some reason I can’t seem to pair these two together like I have with other ones. Can anyone advise? Thank you so much!

I was looking for that Model A1325, can not find it.

I think it is the select 2

https://support.soundcore.com/s/article/How-Do-I-Pair-Soundcore-Select-2-Speakers-Together This gives some info about it

I would make sure that both are the exact model numbers. I know a few have tried to do a pairing but had an older one and then got a new one that had been updated and thus they would not pair due to that…

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Happened with Flare mini and icon mini to me.

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