Wireless Keyboard and Selfie Stick with Tripod Video Review!



Hey Anker fans,

Here’s my latest video review of Anker’s wireless keyboard and selfie stick with tripod… Check it out on YouTube!

Thanks for watching!

Buy on Amazon
Wireless Keyboard: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HFVTFK5
Selfie Stick with Tripod: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H5HZ31T


Thanks for sharing @Insider The wireless keyboard looks like a great companion for iPad :slight_smile:


Yep, I saw it on my YT feed first :+1:


I watched your video on YouTube :clap: I liked it


Nice review :ok_hand:


Very good and honest review. Anker doing half a job on both of these products and going for price range instead of features and quality.


Great, honest review on both of the products. The legs on the tripod do look very flimsy for the $26 price and could see it easily breaking.


I liked the smaller/compact size of the keyboard :heart_eyes:


Nice review, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


Nice video review!

i have a similar tripod stick, they are very useful!

Also nice new username, didn’t know it was Joshuad until i saw the video :wink:


thank you for sharing!


I was dead set on getting the selfie stick tripod, your review made me change my mind :grin:
I’ll not get the Mpow tripod selfie stick


Thanks for the videos!


Nice review thanks for sharing


Love the look of that anker keyboard :+1::+1::+1:


Not all Video reviews are good for a brand unless they make a good quality, durable product… Anker just missed out on a potential customer. Does not mean that Review videos need to be misguiding, but be as to the point and show pros/cons and help prospective customers decide.

@Insider Did the right thing highlighting the negatives of the selfie stick with Tripod, for Anker now needs to take note of it and make improvements.


I liked the keyboard as well :clap:


Keyboard is nice, but not for me, I use a Microsoft wireless keyboard with thouchpad for my TV(very rarely) & my old PC. I don’t use a wireless keyboard on my MacBook Pro and On my Work PC I use A Logitech Wireless Keyboard (haven’t changed batteries in over 2years and get used 5 days a week) and MX Master Mouse & MX Anywhere 2 (which is actually my secret favourite as I can use it while my keyboard tray is slid under the desk which I cannot do with the MX Master.

Selfie stick even though embarrassing to use (my personal opinion) are really useful I have a previous Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick which was good but this new one with a built in tripod & remote is really nice too. Often when my girlfriend and I are trying to take a nice picture when we’re out and about we resort to trying to balance the camera/phone on the roof of the car or something equally high tech something like this would be ideal.

Nice review.