Wireless Charging: No Strings Attached

In the digital age, everyone looks forward to the day our devices are so seamlessly integrated into our lives that we don’t even need to think about them. While we’ve definitely made great strides towards that end, there is still one aspect of our devices that prevents us from reaching that goal: Charging. Anker already provides convenient external batteries to keep devices charged on the go, but at some point we all still have to plug our phones in. Or do we?

As we hurtle towards the future, it seems like wireless charging is going to be the next stage in the evolution of charging. Several Android equipped devices come equipped with Qi-technology, ready and waiting for wireless charging. For those of you sporting Apple devices or non-Qi equipped Android devices, you can still get in the wireless charging game; just buy a Qi charging case for your phone.

It would be remiss of a brand that’s all about charging to not be riding the wireless wave so, of course, Anker has 2 premium options to meet your wireless charging needs. PowerTouch 5 and PowerTouch 10 are our premier wireless chargers for the PowerTouch series. Both are designed to be intuitive and change charging to just setting down your phone.

How Does It Work?
The mechanics of wireless charging may seem like magic, but it’s actually just good ol’ science at work. Wireless charging works by passing a current through a loop of coiled wires around a bar magnet, called an inductor, to create an electromagnetic field. A voltage can then be transferred to a nearby object (like your phone) via this electromagnetic field.

What Makes Ours Different?
There are already a lot of wireless chargers out there so you might be wondering what Anker did to set ours apart. The short answer is: everything.

1. Fast-Charging
5W charging speed is currently the norm for wireless charging, which is what PowerTouch 5 offers. However, PowerTouch 10 also has a Fast-Charge Mode that provides 10W wireless charging speeds. While it’s true that charging wirelessly isn’t as fast as plugging in, PowerTouch 10’s Fast-Charge Mode is definitely a big step in the right direction. PowerTouch 10 is fast, but not every Qi device can take full advantage of it, so make sure to check yours for compatibility.

2. Intuitive
Thanks to Qi technology, you only need to set your phone down to start charging. Seriously. It’s that simple. Charging devices is already pretty easy, but wireless technology makes it absolutely effortless.

3. Optional LED Indicator
Both PowerTouch 5 and PowerTouch 10 show you the charging status through a breathing LED ring. Our previous wireless chargers also had LED indicators, but the nice thing about these (in addition to looking super-cool) is they have a switch to toggle the light on or off.

4. Safety
Both are outfitted with Anker’s exclusive MultiProtect safety system so you don’t have to sweat the small things, like overheating, overcurrent, or overvoltage. Any wireless charger might get a little hot due to wasted electrical energy released as heat, but that’s normal. If a wireless charger gets too hot while in use, try taking the case off your phone and making sure you’ve properly aligned your phone on the charger.

5. USB-C
Just to be that much more special, and of course looking towards the future, we’ve given PowerTouch 10 a USB-C input (and the cable to connect it) because Anker greatly anticipates the day we reach Connectivity Utopia and can charge all devices via USB-C.

What Else?
We’ve really endeavored to make these chargers as user-friendly as possible. They’re very lightweight and only about the size of a coaster, so they won’t take up much space. They’ve also got anti-slip material on the top–to prevent your phone from sliding off–and on the bottom–so the chargers won’t slide around. Put all of that together and what do you get? Superior wireless charging.

The Cherry On Top
We’re offering both of these chargers at a discount, just for you!


PowerTouch 5
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PowerTouch 10
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PowerTouch 10
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I’ve wanted to do wireless charging for my phone but I’ve heard you can’t charge through an otterbox defender. If so I would have to buy another back for my phone or get a charging case. Do those even protect as well as a defender case?

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My older phones Nexus 4, 5 had wireless charging and no I struggled to charge them in a rugged case, but a thin case worked. More precision on placement required.


Great offers ! Perfect for my galaxy s7 :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Nice. Going to look up to see what options for cases are available to enable wireless charging on my iPhone.


Which is best for Nexus 6?




shoot, I missed the deal… didn’t see this before, I have an S5 but I am searching for the charging cover.


this device is a charm


I don’t think Nexus 6 supports the 10W charging speed so you’d probably be better off with the PowerTouch 5. I’ve seen some comments that Nexus 6 is pretty finicky with wireless charging pads because it has a curved back, so you probably need to take more care aligning the charging coils.


I don’t disagree but I own Nexus 4,5,7 with Qi receivers inside and two different Qi transmitters (from RavPower, Choetech) and I find the placement finnicky, need to be “just right”, particularly through a case. So I was wondering if the 10W Anker version would transmit further and so be less finnicky, better able to work through a case, offer more Wattage into the phone even if the phone can’t take that much, i.e. it makes it easier rather than faster for the older less capable phones?

I love wireless charging, miss in on my current phones (OnePlus3T, Moto G4 Play).

I’ll try it! :ok_hand:

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I would love to hear your results!

I have the Nexus 6 and using the original PowerPort Qi Charging Pad. It is finicky, but once you get used to what your phone looks like. It’s hardly a hassle.

Would be nice if the pad was bigger and had more room for error.

Father in law has the Samsung Qi pad for his S7 and I love throwing my phone on that. Not as finicky.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know what you find.


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Nice share - thanks, @nigelhealy!

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