Winners of ‘Points Win Prizes’

Impatiently await my prizes…

Looking good!!

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I won the soundcore XL (waiting) and I bought and got today the Soundcore mini. It was immediately grabbed by a family member “its mine”. I got in the weekend discount offer. The sound is very very good for its size, its pocketable (fleece, jacket, not trousers) and big sound. A family member works with young children with special needs and its going to be used for their dancing time.

Not sure who will grab the XL, probably someone who likes beach parties?


Agreed, if its just 1 day out no overnight I take that to last the worst day possible (phone+tablet).

Thanks Anker!


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Great pick on the Soundcore mini. It produces great sound at a budget friendly price. I also think its an awesome idea your family member has taking it to school. The kids are going to absolutely love the Soundcore Mini for their dance time. I love my Soundcore mini. We use it alot around my house.


I’ve got this huddle coming too. Looks awesome

You are going to love it. I put a 18650 battery in the flashlight and it made the flashlight even brighter.


Received my prizes this afternoon. Thank you again Anker. Love the Soundcore Mini speaker.


I now got a tracking code email.

The Soundcore Mini is awesome!


Super jealous! I’ll have to buy one for me-self!

got my prizes today. yes i am super impressed with the soundcore mini as well. thanks anker!


Mine are coming today!

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Wooo. Finally got the email with the tracking after midnight. Can’t wait!


I just got the email saying it shipped along with tracking info as well last night! :slight_smile:

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does the 18650 fit in there well

Yep, It fits perfectly in the LC40.

I received my prizes today! Yay! Thank you Anker!